Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-Christmas Hodge Podge

Having fun with your pre-Christmas festivities?

I'm cruising along.

I have zero available stocks of these necklaces. I need to make more. Orders are piling up.
This year is its year! 

Then, I panicked after dropping by Sonya's Garden yesterday.  Recently delivered bead works are close to depletion. So, new stocks shall be delivered in a day or two. 

This ceramic wide open mouth multi-purpose  fish holder is now officially extinct.  I sold all, except one- mine! Quite a number of clients have asked what they could put in its mouth.  Well,  I put anything and everything I could think of including onions and garlic.
 Talk to J. Bond to know how overly "cuckoo" I went over this fish.

Of course, I had absolute fun during the Pharmacy's Christmas Salo-Salo. We went home all hyped up and roaring with laughter from the whole day affair.  

 Then, there's this green wall I've been going home to everyday.  It will be turned back to its original white state this weekend.  Alleluia!

Lastly, I am addicted to this game called Pachinko. Serious!  Next in line...

More hodge podge coming soon.

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