Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos of Oplan Healthy Teeth 2011

Thank God no crying happened, not like last year.  Dental patients this year came prepared and well psyched  for pain.  *Haha.  Nevertheless, dentists and dental works freak me out.  But our patients loved this group of dental students who willingly rendered service for free.

A joint project of Generika Bahayang Pag-asa and
Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Dentistry.


And, the early bird that grew and continues to thrive in the Pharmacy's backyard.

The Pharmacy's pantry, where I usually spend my days.  On regular days, this is where the staff and I hold meetings, have our lunch or relax during breaks.  But on days with medical missions, the place becomes packed with patients. 

The scene by the driveway.

Prophylaxis station.   

Tooth extraction station.

A special demo by the dean (my friend).

The feast  at 2pm.  Thanks for accommodating the extension. 
We ended at 1:30pm instead of 12 noon.

Thank you once again to my dear friend, Dean/Dr. Jun.  Your students are the greatest! :)  Til the next Dental Mission in 2012. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Last year, we had a blast even if kids cried.  Adults, on the other hand, were bold to withstand pain.

Tomorrow, here we go again.

We're ready.  And so are the patients.  An advance muchos gracias to the dental students of Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Dentistry and most especially to my dear "dean-dentist" friend for saying yes. As if I would accept NO for an answer.  *Haha! See ya!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The HUNT for an Ifugao Bag

While J. Bond shopped for  Baguio goodies ...

...I continued on for the 3rd time with my "never say die" hunt for that imaginary Ifugao bag.  The idea sort of popped moments right before this year's first Baguio trip happened. 

I knew what I wanted. 

This exact textile modeled by Mother and the rest of the tribe. *haha. 
Photo credit Mother.

This style and shape.

And so far, the bag in my mind remains elusive to this day. Definitely a challenge. Unless, I opt to take a much easy route of   sewing my own bag.  Then sell.  But not just yet.  I am still enjoying the hunt.  Sling bags by the way do exist and are sold practically in every corner of Baguio.

Prior to beads, I have long been a sucker of cloth bags.  Light to carry, and yet can fit a heavy load (like folders, files and books, on top of my personal paraphernalia).  Most days, I bring along two gigantic bags containing what J. Bond says, "the whole cabinet".  So, a light to carry and expandable cloth bag best suits my daily overloaded habit.

In my search, this stall I bumped into at Baguio's local market has somehow helped divert my  intense attention away from the Ifugao bag. For now.

They produce and sell this...

May be used as a "basket", but  "not" a basket ...

These are BAGS! Previous two photos  show how these bags are stored.  On my end, I use them  as storage for my bead necklaces when not used as a bag.  I adore stuff that are multi-functional in nature.   Bag by day, storage by night.  Both of these are tucked in my shelf right this moment.  The blue on the right was first used as a bag over the weekend when I took that courageous move of wearing my parasitic twin earrings.

A variety of bags to choose from displayed all around.

 Lovely pouches with bead accent.

Looks bulky and heavy.  But not.  Definitely light to carry and can accommodate my overloaded stuff.

A style I imagine using while on the beach. And, in a skimpy bikini. *haha! Good thing I prefer the mountains. 

I think less of my imaginary Ifugao bag lately, but I now think MORE of the bags I discovered instead.  In case you are in Baguio and would like to check on the bags yourself, you may visit the stall at 1157 Carnation Alley, Maharlika Livelihood Complex, Baguio City. No store name by the way. 

Or, visit the nearest SM Kultura branch.  They supply SM a load of these bags.

But heading straight to its source makes shopping more fun and exciting.  Even if it would entail another 5 hour road trip to Baguio on June 9 =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Twin

J. Bond thinks they're wierd.

I find them pretty. So I bought them! *Haha.  Though I have stumbled upon these two from a quaint shop in Bacolod a year ago, I haven't actually had the chance to use them yet -- out of anxiety on what J. Bond will say.  But today, I was bold and cared less.

In Nasugbu, for the nth ocular inspection for the Pharmacy's Teambuilding.  This is it! I finally found the perfect venue.  Alleluia!

Then in Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm for my much needed replenishment of honey mint shampoo, natural healing honey soaps and eucalyptus bath salts.

And just when I thought the day would cap without a word, J. Bond then says... "Your wierd earrings are your PARASITIC TWINS!". Oh my!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

For the 3rd time

Guess where?

Colors that make me tick are in bloom :) 

Here's something new.  Beads I discovered while browsing in the local market early this morning.  More on this soon. 

Who would have thought I'd be in Baguio for the 3rd time in a span of 2 months.  And I'm enjoying every minute of it, especially the cool weather.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

GeneriKID 2011

When not beading, this is what I do...

Hehe, but true.  Especially now that  GENERIKID has been on a roll for already three weeks.

First was all about celebrating Easter which we called PALAKASAN!
Then, I took a happy break in Baguio.

Next was a feast of artworks that embody happy and healthy kids, PAGALINGAN.  Here are the top 3 winners as voted by the Pharmacy's loyal patrons.

3rd Runner-Up

2nd Runner-up


Last Saturday was an upbeat dance showdown participated by 4 groups. PASIKLABAN!

The Original GeneriKIDs.  These 3 were part of last year's GeneriKID too. 

Knee-sock gang. 

Purple Bellas.

And, the WINNER ... Pink Beauties :) 
They came well prepared and wowed the audience with their high energy dance number and awesome stunts. This group embodied what a GeneriKID is all about! 

Then on Thursday, I'm off to Baguio again!!! 

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