Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I finally figured it out despite the denial stage I went through at the start of this year.  Weekends are absolutely non-bead days ..... and ..... beads and the pharmacy are interrelated.  That's a fact.  One cannot live without the other.  Beads transport me to la-la-la fairy tale land, while the Pharmacy is my REALITY.

Yesterday was the first ever dental mission organized by the Pharmacy.  During its planning stages, we anticipated -- scorching heat, children crying out loud, adults adamant about having their tooth extracted even with existing health concerns (like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure), complaints from those who were not able to pre-register and probable complications after the activity.

Though we experienced a bit of crying ....

Crying twins while waiting for their Mom  having her tooth extracted.
The vital signs Pharmacy staff worked as babysitters too :) 

..... the activity turned out smooth and well-organized.  Good Job to the hardworking Pharmacy staff and Thanks to the Dean, Professors and Dental students of Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Dentistry who willingly extended a helping hand. 

I felt a different level of "high" after this half-day activity.  FULFILLMENT at the HIGHEST DEGREE.  The Pharmacy's purpose for doing such activities is short and simple:  Uplift the SPIRITS of our less fortunate brothers and sisters

Fact:  MILLIONS in the Philippines still remain unemployed and are in dire need of help -- financially, spiritually and physically.  Thus, our monthly medical mission is our little way of sharing the blessings.

Yesterday's MISSION, ACCOMPLISHED ... but definitely NOT OVER.

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