Friday, April 23, 2010

Bruises and Paper

The remedy for bad falls resulting to unsightly bruises -- SHOPPING for PAPER!

Last Sunday was jinxed.  J. Bond came home from his usual weekend mountain bike adventure  looking normal as ever.  But it only took a split second to notice and be alarmed of the  BIG gauze pads patched on his right arm and  leg. Not to mention the bruised ribs masked by his sweat drenched shirt. Like what he said 3 years ago, this happens in "extreme" sports like this.  Yeah right!

I don't approve, yet I support.   Call me a confused nut but it's hard to say no.  So PRAY is all I do each time he goes on an adventure ....

January 24, 2010
PAPPY'S TRAIL -- somewhere along the slopes of Tagaytay, near Taal Volcano

For the second time around, the alarm button rang full blast.  I pretty much zoomed all around the house ... zoomed from the garage to the medicine cabinet .... zoomed up then zoomed down ... zoomed up once again then ....

... zoomed  FALLING DOWN!  Yup, from top to bottom.  TWO injured bodies in one day.  With my fall, that ended the zoom.

Pain set in the day after.  First aid remedies have been applied, but lo and behold ... great discoveries do happen even in pain.  First, SHOPPING cures! Second, PAPER products cure all the more!

See what I discovered in National Bookstore.  What do you think these are?  Comes in 3 colors and obviously I bought all 3.

These are pens made of RECYCLED PAPER!  Writes well and very affordable -- around Php6.50 each.  National Bookstore now features a section where recycled paper products like notebooks, notepads and pens are heavily promoted.   I just take extra care when using these pens, making sure that my hands are dry and no wet marks around. 

After having discovered these, a thought came to mind.  Do recycled paper beads exist? 

Sunday's fall led me to discover recycled paper pens.  
Recycled paper pens made me ask if recycled paper beads exist. 
My asking led me to do a quick research over the net. 
The research then led me to discover BEAD BY BEAD.

Courtesy of Bead by Bead

Taken from BEAD BY BEAD'S site,  their cause is all about this ....
Bead by Bead is a project and a vision of Mirella Brenke, who lives and works in Uganda with her husband and two children, that strives to help the families from one of the poorest Kampala districts, Soweto. Soweto is a district, more precisely, a slum, situated along the railroad. Most of its residents come from the poor northern part of Uganda, devastated by war. They live in inhuman conditions, with no water, electricity or sanitary facilities, and all members of the family mostly share one single room. The children often don't go to school, and famine, violence and poverty is what these people have to cope with every day.
After talking to many people, guided with our own experience, instinct and vision, we decided to start Bead by Bead. Bead by Bead is a socially responsible business, a model for which we strongly believe is the model of the future.
Bead by Bead is a company which does business like any other, the only difference is that it invests 20% of its profit and gives it back to the community that makes our products. Bead by Bead does this by investing in children's education, health insurance, and various other socially beneficial projects.
Our goal is to bring this unique, ecological product closer to you, to enrich your appearance with these beautiful colours, and your soul with knowing that you've really helped our cause.
How we can support?  Check out their site by clicking on the title of this blog.

As for me, I will order this soon.  Just finalizing quantities ....

Called DEMBE (means PEACE).  Note:  All beads are handmade of recycled paper.
Thank you Bead By Bead. 

Falls aren't bad -- It rattles your brain to remember that taking extra care is important ... And, it brings along great discoveries like National Bookstore's recycled paper pens and Bead by Bead's recycled paper beads.  I have somehow controlled myself from all the zooming since the fall.  I just wish that I can somehow zoom my way to Uganda to check out the beads in person, and more so meet the beautiful  women behind it.

My husband's case is a different story.  As they say, boys will always be boys! 

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