Friday, April 29, 2011

A post from Baguio

Sniffing the scent of pine trees.  Relaxing my sight with scenes of greens. And, embracing the cool weather of Baguio.  Right this moment! 
J. Bond promised over pancakes and strips of bacon that I can surely wag along on his next work trip in May.

I said, "Why not return to Manila alone and just come back for me in May!". 

Great idea, right?! :) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter of years ago. Me in my favorite egg spot, while my brother claimed the other end of the garden as his.  

Egg hunt was our home's annual tradition to celebrate Easter Sunday.  Our Mom's go-signal to begin the hunt absolutely gave each of us an adrenaline boost to hunt as many eggs as we could.  The more, the best!  Some eggs were hidden in giveaway places, yet some lay on a tree branch, and a few others camouflaged by stones and rocks.   We had a blast, most especially with the yummy candies inside the eggs.   Kraft's chewy caramel was the best!

Yesterday, the Pharmacy's kid registrants hunted for Easter eggs but  with a "supposed  twist".  Twists make it more exciting.  6-12 year old kids were to hunt and pick Easter eggs  in a span of 2 minutes. In BLINDFOLD, but paired with a 3-5 year old kid whose function is to give directions and be a patient guide.
My blindfold purpose:  to enhance communication skills and the art of listening

But, missing in this link were  eagerness and an exploding sense of excitement.  Thus, we resulted with a  shouting, running, climbing and digging 2-minute egg hunt-RIOT. No gasps in between. Young guides pushing and pulling their paired hunter.  While their mothers successfully paved their own way in acting out a  hunter as well. *Haha. 

Yet, look how organized and well-behaved they were at the start.
Too good to be true. *Haha.

On top of the Egg Hunt, we extended our fun riot with an Easter Egg Relay and the popular Hep Hooray game.

All 37 kids went home high, happy, and with a lootbag filled with pharmacy goodies.  Children's vitamins, School supplies, Generikard and a birdThey promised to return on May 7 for our drawing contest in which artworks of the top 3 winners will be displayed in the Pharmacy.

How about you?  How was your Easter Sunday?  Anyway, here's wishing you a HAPPY EASTER.  Time to refresh and start new.  Cheers!

Note:  Generika Bahayang Pag-asa's Easter Sunday festivities is the official launch of GENERIKID 2011.  Generikid aims to promote healthy and active lifestyle of kids ages 3-12 years old.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Un-INVOLVED Youth :)

In high school (even while in college), I don't remember myself as being extra-active nor extra-involved in school clubs or organizations.  Not even in extra-curricular activities.  I was once a short-term member of the Pep Squad for the reason that Cecile headed it.  A few practices later on, my dear friend found me and Karla of no use since we abused the friendship  literally just hanged loose and consistently laughed out loud.  Thus, we were politely requested to quit.  *Haha, hurt feelings long healed and forgotten but a topic we joke about to this day.  Then, we moved on and joined the Debate Team. As timekeepers!

So when Molino 2's PARADA PARA SA KALIKASAN  AT LARONG PAMPALAKASAN (parade for Mother Earth and Summer Sportsfest 2011) happened on April 3, I couldn't help but admire how involved and excited the youth were.  Something I was definitely NOT back then.

Start of the parade.

There were a total of 26 basketball teams, all composed of youth.

Muses in gowns and floats made from recycled materials.

Of course, I had my little pharmacy entourage who provided first aid services.

Past is past. I know.  Youth is something I cannot bring back so as to be more-active and  be more-involved.  But, there's still time.  Better late than never, right?!

A heartfelt thanks to the following:
*Barangay Molino II Sangguniang Kabataan
*My Pharmacy Officer, Ram, for the photos and for working on this project while I was having fun in Baguio. Good job!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life is Butter!

Sunday morning. Browsing the net while having breakfast.

ME:  OMG!!!
JBond:  What?!
ME:  AJ's dead!
JBond:  Who's AJ?
ME:  Dunno?! MARA tweeted a condolence tweet. **yes, I continue the Mara Clara saga by visiting the cast's tweets.
JBond:  So, sino si AJ?
ME:  Here's his picture (*thanks google)...OMG, he's young!
JBond:  Ya, what did he die of?
ME:  Wait!...*then checked for more tweets with details* accident. And, his wake is at LSGH.  See, that's what it says on AJ's twitter page.
JBond:  Huh? Someone tweeted using AJ's account?
***Oo nga, no!
ME:  Do you think there's butter in heaven?
JBond:  Yes, there's butter in heaven...*looks at me and says*... Stop the morbid thought!

I stopped and continued in silence. Life is short. Instead of "make the best for last", why not "make the best FIRST".  Live NOW, not tomorrow.  Still, I think of butter. My heaven's sent breakfast spread :)

God speed, AJ.

It's Palm Sunday today. 
Aside from the the quick ocular of Lake Pandin and Balite Springs scheduled on Black Saturday (which by the way is a repeat of what I did during Holy Week 2010 and for the exact, same reason), it is my plan to spend Holy Week this year in a more solemn mode.  There's so much to thank for, and at the same time conclude a few chapters with grace and forgiveness.  So, the Holy Week is rather a welcome break to reflect and refresh.  Then, restart.

Come Easter Sunday (April 24), the Pharmacy will absolutely celebrate with Kids....

And the Sunday after, it's MY turn to celebrate... Baguio.  Again!  I'm so excited. 

And, LIFE is "BUTTER" :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dumbstruck by Nestle's TV ad

I love listening to love stories of family and friends rather than watching fictional characters make love happen. A practice influenced by my first boss who started off weekly staff meetings with an update on matters of the heart. 

I carried on this practice and continue to embrace the thrill, especially during meetings with the Pharmacy staff.  There are times when I drown in tears and end with a reflective mood.   Both heartwarming and heartbreaking love stories affect me the same way. 

When I first came across Nestle's TV commercial, I was left dumbstruck. What came to mind was that drizzling afternoon ten years ago when right just then I knew.  Five years after, J. Bond and I vowed, said I DO, and began living our dream.  Together.

Now on our 5th year, we continue to thrive  on spending our days in the most meaningful way as a couple and as an individual.  I'd like to think that nothing drastic has changed since that fateful afternoon.  Though we have stumbled upon quirks and shortcomings, these are what I tell J. Bond I call "spice".  At times we need a kick, and only spice can make such thing happen. Besides, bland equates to boredom. And, the happy and good moments are what truly matter most.

At this point, it still is hazy as to where our journey will lead despite the presence of a plan. But I am comforted by the fact that I have been blessed with a "double O 7" who folds at my quirks and yet lifts me up at my worst.  A huge chunk of gratitude I owe to my dear friends, B=RAVE Dude Friend and NY-based Pinky, who held me captive on the eve of my wedding. Because of them, I have come to realize that there is no other way of living life than the way life is lived now.

from left to right: J. Bond's bro and wife, B=RAVE DUDE friend and Pinky, US

By the way, I find Kitchie Nadal's version of Apo Hiking's song, Pag-ibig, spicier :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Name the 15 Philippine Presidents

I would have failed without a doubt if I were asked on-the-spot the names of the Presidents of the Philippines, from 1st to current, a day prior the loooooooong! wait at LTO Binan.  

Though I acknowledge LTO's efforts to speed up the process via online and text-based innovations...
I still prefer a face off.
--Straightforward but  yet complicated. 
--Less slow but still slow. Hiring "fixers" may be an option.  But I fear them.  I'd rather have all records and documents safe and sound.
--And, lesser discouragement even with "fees" in every step, including a sales pitch of buying their brown envelope from Window C-ashier. 

The motto: Be meek. Be humble. Then, the one week process of securing a copy of your car's records may be slashed to roughly SIX days. 
J. Bond did all the work, while I hanged around and tried with all my might to be his patient companion.  Good thing this poster kept me patient sane busy,which has then made me realize of my need for a major review on Philippine History. 
Click the photo to enlarge.  But for your use and reference, here they are...The Presidents of the Philippines...from 1st to current. 
1.  Emilio Aguinaldo
2.  Manuel L. Quezon
3.  Jose P. Laurel
4.  Sergio Osmena
5.  Manuel Roxas
6.  Elpidio Quirino
7.  Ramon Magsaysay
8.  Carlos P. Garcia
9.  Diosdado Macapagal
10.  Ferdinand Marcos
11.  Corazon Aquino
12.  Fidel V. Ramos
13.  Joseph Estrada
14.  Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
15.  Benigno Aquino III

Before the wait at LTO, I only knew of numbers 10-15. Not anymore.  I have memorized the names by heart ... and, in order too. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out and About since Wednesday

Funny that my NY-based BFF, Pinky,  posts a congratulatory  note on Facebook for my new choice of quick getaway instead of the usual Tagaytay. *Haha.  I say funny because what she doesn't know was I was exactly where she expects me to be the day after I returned from Baguio....

...Saturday lunch with the fam at Bawais ... in TAGAYTAY!
Dark photo, but proof.

Tagaytay obviously remains on the top spot of my list.  And in a couple of days, I'll be hanging around my usual spot once again.  This time beads related. 

Come to think of it, I have been out and about since Wednesday last week.  On top of Baguio and Tagaytay, I've been running all around...

The Pharmacy's participation in Molino 2's basketball league parade on Sunday, at 6:00AM! So, I was practically on the phone most of the day planning out my little entourage while at Baguio.

Then, ran off to Baby Gia's christening in the afternoon.  For the very first time, I volunteered to be a fairy Godmother.  Must be her chubby cheeks!  Just like her Kuyas' cheeks =)

Immersed myself in a cemetery near the Pharmacy on Monday morning.   I was surprised to see lots of early morning exercisers stretching, brisk walking and jogging around the cemetery.  A few even played Volleyball and Badminton.  There are no decent parks nearby, so  this cemetery stands in as a good alternative despite the presence of the "dead". *Haha.  I was there by the way only to observe and plan for the Pharmacy's next activity promoting good health.

And with that, we kicked off our early morning exercise on Tuesday morning with the Senior Citizens of Molino 5...

...followed by a free medical check-up.

That's it (as of this post).  Catching my breath now :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Colors and Sights of Baguio

Can't stop myself from staring at these photos.  Colors and sights that had me "at hello", thus leaving me with a desire  to return. Like, right now.

PINE TREES on a hilly terrain


ARTWORKs of local artists on display at Cafe by the Ruins

(Cafe by the Ruins, Mile Hi Diner, Everything Nice)

Inspired by SHOPPING! (always)  *hahaha

Loving the cool breeze... and Dreaming...

and, breathtaking view on the way UP and on the way HOME

Looking forward to a "foggy-chaotic" week ahead of me!  Hope you are too :)
Like what I said, I value stress breaks.  Even for a day.
Breath in. Breath out. And, GO! :)
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