Sunday, July 31, 2011


Five years and six months ago.

The intention was to model the wedding ring.  Here's one more, my left hand around J. Bond's neck.

This morning, J. Bond thought of having a spare wedding ring made.  He thinks that the original blessed rings must forever be kept safe. 

I thought I lost mine in Starbucks a few months after my wedding day. Unlike necklaces, I have a track record of losing rings.  Of course, I panicked and quickly had a 2nd ring made.    I now have 2 which  I rarely wear for fear of losing either once again. Apparently, my careless self left the original  on top of my work desk and re-discovered it on the day the 2nd ring was delivered.

Now, J. Bond is seriously thinking of having a 2nd ring made to serve as spare.  I want another one too, but not as spare. Rather, a ring that would  symbolize our 5 years of bliss, yet with a design that would  magnify our individual character.

J. Bond agrees. 

So here's what I "secretly" desire.
So me and really pretty. 
Yoohoo, J. Bond! 
Details found HERE.

Monday, July 25, 2011

to two giRls

How timely I stumbled upon a simple yet meaningful prayer on a day I need it most. Both of you have consumed my thoughts since that gloomy Saturday afternoon I came to your defense.  You know who you are, and I also know you drop by and read my blogs.  Don't worry, I don't mind.  I'm truly happy to share with you snippets of my "back side" that you rarely see.

I was beyond grateful for having been physically near when your battle took a twisted turn.  What if it happened a week prior?  I was in Baguio, miles away.  But you two knew how to fight with great fierceness and feistiness.  No backing off.  But my dear girls, I am still deeply bothered by how relationships were managed.  You may be way younger than I am, but old enough to know right from wrong. 

In time, I hope and pray that you learn...

That each one is unique, and one of a kind.  Slow. Fast. Nerd. Duh.  White. Black.  Soft. Stiff. Tall. Short.  Curly. Straight. RESPECT the differences.

I admire how fierce, feisty and passionate you both are.  Yes, continue living with passion, but not  "fashion".  Good looks fade.  A good heart remains forever.

Sad to say, bad impressions last.  But everyone deserves a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th or maybe a 5th chance.

But for now, let's begin with practicing a bit of patience.....

....Then perhaps, you would have discovered his story.  And, understood.

Be good!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While waiting for J. Bond

There was too much time to kill in Baguio last week.  And must add, too much patience to practice too. I almost lost it.  But like what I wrote here, I just tag along while J. Bond works. A reminder he consistently repeats on each trip. Last week was extraordinary though.  He overworked and overextended.

So, I took a side trip and checked out Camp John Hay's Butterfly Sanctuary.

I have thought of visiting the Butterfly Sanctuary so many times but have never gotten to. I was faced with either darkness, rains, or the thought of snakes along the way. Last week, I was brave.  And, impatient from the long wait. Thank God, weather was great.

Follow the sign posted on tree trunks.

Cross the wooden bridge.

Found at the middle of the bridge. Onto the next life.

Then, the quaint sanctuary.

I was lucky to have the butterfly caretaker all to myself.  I was her lone visitor that day.  She thoroughly explained the life cycle of a butterfly and gladly toured me around.

I can relate to this cocoon.  Waiting. Waiting. And, still waiting.

Then, voila!  Lovely butterflies.  Can't help but think of my flora necklaces.

The butterfly caretaker was my photographer too.  She took photos of me while going gaga over butterflies.  As explained, butterflies don't fly much when weather is cool.  They stood still on my hair and hand. 

There is truth in the saying, "Good things come to those who wait.". 
Mine was in the form of butterflies :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Lola's Necklace

I adore vintage accessories. When I discovered this necklace in my Lola's (grandmother) closet, I asked for it and I was lucky to have an Aunt (the rightful owner then) who passed it on without a tinge of hesitation.  Apparently, she was glad to handover the necklace to a niece who is sentimental and in love with collecting old stuff.  My Aunt, on the other hand, is more modern with her taste in accessories.  She  prefers wearing my bead works, most especially the big, chunky, glass arrangements.  She has worn a lot of my works in many occasions -- at work, get-togethers, parties, or visits to the doctor -- and gathers a lot of queries. 

The necklace has been under my care for four years now.  I first talked about it in this blog. It is gold-plated, so I have it cleaned and dipped in gold every two years. I wear it on special days, especially during family gatherings.  My way of sharing its sentimental meaning on a joyous occasion. A  few family members would do anything to borrow even just for a day.  I refuse and my overprotective-selfish self  automatically ignites.  *Haha!

Given the interests I have gathered on my Lola's necklace, I have thought of having it replicated for family and for selling.  But my beads has frequently overshadowed the plan.  So, it took a backseat for many years until my recent trips to Baguio came along.  I have met a talented jeweller/artist from the Cordilleras who has helped materialize my long-ago plan.

The replica of my Lola's necklace.  My intent was to sell both necklaces at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden soon.  But, one was recently sold.

A replica with corals.  My gift to self.  It does feel great to reward oneself with a gift once-in-awhile :)

For queries on this necklace (or any of our bead necklaces), please send your email to

Saturday, July 16, 2011

breathing Life

On this day, the worst had ended.  I was told I could move to a regular hospital room.  No need to stay any longer in the ICU.  I was bored to death.  No TV. Visitors were allowed to come only one at a time.  Good thing, the nurses and my doctor's frequent visits kept me busy.  I longed for the outdoors. And, my toothbrush.

Yesterday, exactly one year after, I remember every part of it.  But this time, I deeply breath life :)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yesterday at Quiapo

I woke at 5:15AM, on a Saturday! 

I was excited to have J. Bond  accompany me on my bead splurge at Quiapo yesterday morning.  He had no choice but to come along and help carry the goods.  My right hand, and now all the way to my shoulder, could no longer afford to carry nor hold on to a heavy load.  The same goes for beading, controlled and very limited.  Obviously, the discomfort I feel especially at night comes from too much beading, carrying huge bags and working on the computer with bad posture (lying down).   So, I'm in the process of correcting these long practiced bad habits.

In my countless trips to Quiapo, yesterday was J. Bond's 3rd time to come along. The first time happened here.  We got lost.  The 2nd, he chose to stay and wait within the confines of our airconditioned car. He claimed parking was difficult.  Yesterday, he followed my usual way.  Take the public transportation and walk slow.  My way leads me to discover more.

Like these comfy cloth shoes.  I'm into anything floral these days, even if summer is officially over.

And, these funny spelled "magic" lipsticks. Colorless, but when applied, the lips turn red.

Now, here comes J. Bond's official duty.  To help carry two huge IKEA bags containing these...

...and handle with extra care my newly discovered  Parasitic Twins (as described once again by J. Bond)...

J. Bond said he had fun, except for the nasty scents that came his way. But I'm glad to hear that since we'll surely be back soon via my way.  A big thanks for the help. 

In his not so pleased look while at the LRT. Hahaha!

Monday, July 4, 2011


In 2007, I was insanely addicted to jelly-colored shoes.  My fetish gave birth to chalk necklaces and multi-colored bangles.

In 2008, I ended my corporate life and looked forward to spending my days  happily.  A thousand happy-lucKEY charms happened next and were all sold insantly in a bazaar.  LucKEY!!!

My clients know me by heart.  I bead only when I am inspired.  If not, expect nothing.  In 2009, it took me a year to step out of the rut and it was a few plays in Mohegun Sun that helped bring my creative senses back. *Haha.  It took long, but  in some way, I drove myself  back into the beading groove. 

Obviously, I get inspired by both normal and peculiar stuff.

This year, Pinky's flower arrangement served as inspiration for my bead cloth necklaces. My favorite so far. These are now available at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden. 

Recently,  photos of my latest Flora necklaces were posted in this blog.  But what actually served as inspirations for this year's Flora design were these ...

The butterfly from Sonya's Garden. Taken in December 2010.

Tita Lally's Garden Decor.

The pattern and most especially the yellow core of these orchids.

 And, Tita Lally's golden ball.

*This year's Flora pendants were handpainted by a talented artist from Baguio.

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