Monday, July 25, 2011

to two giRls

How timely I stumbled upon a simple yet meaningful prayer on a day I need it most. Both of you have consumed my thoughts since that gloomy Saturday afternoon I came to your defense.  You know who you are, and I also know you drop by and read my blogs.  Don't worry, I don't mind.  I'm truly happy to share with you snippets of my "back side" that you rarely see.

I was beyond grateful for having been physically near when your battle took a twisted turn.  What if it happened a week prior?  I was in Baguio, miles away.  But you two knew how to fight with great fierceness and feistiness.  No backing off.  But my dear girls, I am still deeply bothered by how relationships were managed.  You may be way younger than I am, but old enough to know right from wrong. 

In time, I hope and pray that you learn...

That each one is unique, and one of a kind.  Slow. Fast. Nerd. Duh.  White. Black.  Soft. Stiff. Tall. Short.  Curly. Straight. RESPECT the differences.

I admire how fierce, feisty and passionate you both are.  Yes, continue living with passion, but not  "fashion".  Good looks fade.  A good heart remains forever.

Sad to say, bad impressions last.  But everyone deserves a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th or maybe a 5th chance.

But for now, let's begin with practicing a bit of patience.....

....Then perhaps, you would have discovered his story.  And, understood.

Be good!

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