Monday, July 18, 2011

My Lola's Necklace

I adore vintage accessories. When I discovered this necklace in my Lola's (grandmother) closet, I asked for it and I was lucky to have an Aunt (the rightful owner then) who passed it on without a tinge of hesitation.  Apparently, she was glad to handover the necklace to a niece who is sentimental and in love with collecting old stuff.  My Aunt, on the other hand, is more modern with her taste in accessories.  She  prefers wearing my bead works, most especially the big, chunky, glass arrangements.  She has worn a lot of my works in many occasions -- at work, get-togethers, parties, or visits to the doctor -- and gathers a lot of queries. 

The necklace has been under my care for four years now.  I first talked about it in this blog. It is gold-plated, so I have it cleaned and dipped in gold every two years. I wear it on special days, especially during family gatherings.  My way of sharing its sentimental meaning on a joyous occasion. A  few family members would do anything to borrow even just for a day.  I refuse and my overprotective-selfish self  automatically ignites.  *Haha!

Given the interests I have gathered on my Lola's necklace, I have thought of having it replicated for family and for selling.  But my beads has frequently overshadowed the plan.  So, it took a backseat for many years until my recent trips to Baguio came along.  I have met a talented jeweller/artist from the Cordilleras who has helped materialize my long-ago plan.

The replica of my Lola's necklace.  My intent was to sell both necklaces at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden soon.  But, one was recently sold.

A replica with corals.  My gift to self.  It does feel great to reward oneself with a gift once-in-awhile :)

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