Sunday, July 31, 2011


Five years and six months ago.

The intention was to model the wedding ring.  Here's one more, my left hand around J. Bond's neck.

This morning, J. Bond thought of having a spare wedding ring made.  He thinks that the original blessed rings must forever be kept safe. 

I thought I lost mine in Starbucks a few months after my wedding day. Unlike necklaces, I have a track record of losing rings.  Of course, I panicked and quickly had a 2nd ring made.    I now have 2 which  I rarely wear for fear of losing either once again. Apparently, my careless self left the original  on top of my work desk and re-discovered it on the day the 2nd ring was delivered.

Now, J. Bond is seriously thinking of having a 2nd ring made to serve as spare.  I want another one too, but not as spare. Rather, a ring that would  symbolize our 5 years of bliss, yet with a design that would  magnify our individual character.

J. Bond agrees. 

So here's what I "secretly" desire.
So me and really pretty. 
Yoohoo, J. Bond! 
Details found HERE.

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