Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I haven't had the time to update my posts as much as I'd want to.  I don't even have the energy  to pick-up calls anymore...a nagging complaint recently raised by my Mom, relatives, friends and J. BOND!  But I am online most of the time because of queries and orders.  Now my Mom knows how to get hold of me.  Lol!  Since next month is my scheduled trip *Travel for Beads Project* and upon return the Christmas rush begins, I am in in a RUSH as well to work on stocks for the busy season.  
Monday last week,  I took a couple of photos of  my production line and posted these on Facebook.

TALA (Murano)


As of today, 3/4 of my finished pieces  are SOLD.  So there, I am now in a major RUSH to build more stocks :)  But should you wish to hear from me, key word:  FACEBOOK.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back at Bag of Beans

Not only have I mastered the skill of breaking shoes on special occasions (read: weddings), I have mastered the skill on accidentally stepping on ant-hills as well. So when the unforeseen happened three years ago while on a yummy porkchop treat at Bag of Beans Tagaytay (I drool for their porkchop),  the red ants were enough reason for me to never return.  Have you ever experienced being bitten by an ant?  I'm sure you have.  But how about being invaded and attacked by a colony whose abode you have accidentally stepped on?  Minimal chance I bet.  On my end and for the nth time, things like these just happen to me!  Well, it felt like I was electrocuted.

Last weekend, I was in Bag of Beans.  I was amazed and inspired by the change in color over my three years of Bag of Beans abstinence.  Thank God, no ants around.

Brown coffee cup

Purple Flowers
Yellow Flowers
Dining amidst Greens
 More dining amidst Greens
Colorful treetop accent
 Strings in Red
"Water" Color
 Beads on White
More info on Bag of Beans HERE.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Thrills

A cousin had recently joined the bandwagon of wedded bliss.  This was where they had exchanged sweet I Dos, and where that neverending curse of simultaneously breaking two pairs of shoes expectedly happened. 
Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish Church, Makati City

My two Mothers celebrated their birthdays a few weeks back.  First, my real Mother.  Of course, I was once again M.I.A.  Read:  Philippines.  The celebration happened at Little Italy, NYC, with two other August celebrants, my sister Rica (with a cone) and my SIL Jenn (in purple). 
Photo c/o Mother

Then, here I am with the "original" Marketing girls of the Ayala Malls celebrating the birthday of our "boss/mentor/friend" whom we call Mother.  It was two years ago when I wrote about how we had enjoyed her golden celebration.  Time flies fast.

Bugsy had finally gotten his long overdue grooming.  My intent was to have him groomed a week prior to my trip in October.  But with all his mattes, tangles and ape-like aura, I could no longer wait. I was beginning to call him chi-chi (dirty). Bathing and combing are now easy and breezy.  Alleluia!

That necklace I had worn above...Well, I've finally made myself my own beaded necklace for the first time.  Really!  I never had a creation in the past that I could claim and hold on to forever. Not even for a long time.  My favorite creations are usually the first to be sold.  This time around, I am not selling. My apologies to clients who had inquired.  This piece was made with an extra dose of love and care as the cross was an heirloom from Lola Liling (my paternal grandmother), while the medals were blessed and given as gifts by Tita Cyn (my father's sister) from her Lourdes Pilgrimage last year.

I have officially begun my Christmas shopping.  It is a must that I scrap this off from my task list before the busy Christmas Bazaars begin. 

Unfortunately, I failed on my early attempt to kick off my Christmas shopping.  But I am thrilled over my packaging tapes.  I went overboard and I want more.  Lol!

By Beaded Story has finally reached its 100th like mark in Facebook.  Yay!  To celebrate, a Mother's Heart arrangement was given for free to two lucky likers.  Both winners chose a Mother's Heart bracelet, one of which is bound for Vietnam then Singapore this weekend.  Bugsy took care of randomly picking the winners through a sniff and a lick.  I swear, I love my packaging tape!

Since I'm doing things in advance these days, I have recently announced By Beaded Story's next raffle gimik that will be drawn on Christmas day.  All you have to do is to send a photo of you wearing any By Beaded Story necklace or bracelet in order to get a chance to win a Tala (murano) necklace.  You may post your photo via private message in By Beaded Story's facebook account.  Detailed mechanics will be shared soon, but in the meantime, here's an entry submitted this week.
Photo c/o client.  Necklace:  Mother's Heart (Our Lady of Fatima).

And lastly, I'm thrilled over this photo shared by my brother on Facebook.  I would love to meet this vendor and drool over his beaded crafts.


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