Monday, January 31, 2011

Stranger Relatives

Believe it or not, a HUGE chunk of relatives from both my paternal and maternal sides remain unknown.  Pretty much a "stranger" sense of a relationship, clueless of any existing blood-affiliation.  Thus, if  paths do cross, both sides remain true to his role of being strangers. 

Despite my father's demise at an early age, I grew up surrounded by his side of the family.  With or without any special occasion, get-togethers often occur, thus, making me think that I practically know everyone and this is how far the family goes.  Apparently not. Stranger-relatives do exist.

I've had my share of embarrassing moments --something like being approached by strangers to inquire if by chance we were related. Oftentimes, I am stunned and left speechless.  My mind shouts loud, "Who the hell are you?".  But with a bit of background check, I had stumbled upon a magnificent discovery of long unknown relatives.  I frequently faced this query during my singlehood days since my maiden name has long been affiliated with Philippine History. Thanks to Lolo Greg for establishing this mark even if my siblings, cousins and I were bestowed with high expectations by our history/social studies/araling panlipunan professors. Absolutely a source of stress for someone who prefers beading more than history *haha.  Nevertheless, it has its advantages.

On the other hand, my maternal side of the family is a 100 times MORE than my father's side.  A huge clan spread around the Philippines and the whole wide world. My young Christmas eves were spent with the clan in a sprawling compound that can comfortably fit  everyone.  Unfortunately, this annual tradition ceased upon my Mom's departure for the U.S.  Since then, I lost touch.  It was  only five years ago, on my wedding day, when ties were once again rekindled. And for someone who has lost touch for a long time,  I thank God for reunions that make me discover and know more.

Yesterday was the 1st ever Jacinto clan reunion at Panciteria San Jacinto. Months of planning and preparation were spent to make this day truly meaningful.

Yes, I faced A LOT of stranger-relatives ... in green, orange, blue, purple.  I belonged to red.  I was a stranger to them too.

Me with my ancestors, a few of whom I have met.

The family tree that occupied the entire hallway.

Here's my part of the family tree.

Where the Jacintos originated, which I only found out yesterday.

Fun games to break the ice.  My mom in red, in-between the "stranger-relatives" in green.

Who the Jacintos are!  Clap! Clap!
Thanks to Tito Jun (Tito Ben and the rest of the committee) for bringing us all together and making me know that green, orange, blue, purple are not "strangers" at all. Not only did you bag the best engineer award, you're one great party organizer and host too :) Cheers! 'Til the next Annual Reunion ...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm so lazy, Mac!

Oh no!!! Mac asked about her bead necklaces just awhile ago. So plans took a spinning 360 degree  turn from my ongoing lazy status. I just spinned by the way.  Nothing accomplished.

At first, I thought of saying that Mother and Dad2 are arriving from NY tomorrow...  I'm so excited with the goodies ... parties plus side trips are lined up every single day...and our bodies are long overdue for a massage at Sonyas Garden (this  comes first before everything else.  hehe.)
After the massage at Sonya's Garden in 2009.

The materials were handed over 1st week of January.  Maybe not. 

Or, my 2-month long adopted Roni-girl (ex-work related but remains to be my little girl) is  tying the knot on the same day J. Bond and I are turning 5 (February 4). And, I am to fulfill a special role, causing just a bit of delay on the 5-year celebration.  No problemo.  There's definitely no missing out on Roni-girl and McCoy's special day.
Roni-girl and McCoy's engagement =)

Mac, won't buy this. 

Perhaps, my sister's wedding in Mexico will do the trick.  Yes, that sister who is already married to R, mom to RichA, and will soon subject their "two/now three-getherness" to a mega-binding contract called marital bliss-ter.  Talk about love!!! The invitations are out and posted in her blog.  And here too.
R and R's wedding invites.

Really now?!  Mac, my friend, I'm sooooo damn lazy!  Obviously, social brouhahas beckon these days.  Hahaha.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garage Sale 2011

Aside from THIS being my in-law's place (with the existense of an Okra Plantation all around), this is where I also do my annual Garage Sale. I did my 1st solo act in 2008 which by the way lasted for only 1 and 1/2 hours.  I gave up due to the swarm and "violent" rummaging of FOLKS who came from I don't know where.  I assume EVERYWHERE!  It was purely a matter of word of mouth since I had no signage posted at that time.  I did well in disposing of what I thought  was junk and happily earned from it as well :)  Success!!! 

So in 2009, I did a repeat but this time with a group of friends who shared and enjoyed the "battle" with me.  All went home happy and rich-er(?).  In 2010, I took a break since there was nothing much to dispose of and only resumed this annual "decluttering" and "income-generating" activity yesterday (January 22, 2011).


There were four of us who were obsessesed with decluttering, disposing and EARNING, so plans for this garage sale were made a few weeks in advance.  We were set with a January 22 date with start time at 9am.  Apparently not.  As soon as the signage was posted at 8am, the doorbell blasted off.   To our shock, customers were lined up and impatiently waited by the driveway for first crack on the goods. 

My corner -- obviously the corner with accessories, ceramic dolls, frou-frou summer dresses, make-up and a lot more kikay stuff ...


J. Bond's corner -- think Bike parts! Thank God, the never been used bike parts are out of my sight.  I tripped, snarled and hissed because of 'em. Hahaha!

Pinky's "mostly" Baby stuff corner, and her "Cora Jacobs" bag that I wanted ....


and, Jong's AUTHENTIC fashion male brands corner! 


Jong's insight is so true.  What we think of as junk is another man's treasure.  Brands did not matter, but functionality did.  Nothing can be put to waste these days, including cartons, paper, empty bottles, plastic containers, scrap wood, etc. -- all of which were asked for yesterday.   I have all those in the pharmacy which I must dispose soon (or recycle). 

For now, I am so eager to snatch this  1903 Philippine 10-centavo coin from a customer ... hehe!

Yesterday's stint ended great.  Ergo, there will be a repeat in March!  ... with appliances and home decor this time.  Care to join? Ciao!

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Wishes

I often find myself jotting a mental note at the start of the year to slow down.  A resolution that has long belonged at the top of my list.  Yet, I continued allowing stress to define my days, leaving no other alternative route.  I breathed it.  I lived it.  Subjecting my being to stress was my way of getting tasks accomplished FAST.

*My anthem 2 years ago.

Then one day, I packed up, locked the door and left stress behind.  In a previous blog, I proudly hanged on to a no resolution year this 2011.  Setting myself free from commitments or resolutions, I believe,  handed me over that invigorating break I deserve. 

But, I do have wishes that were brought to life  by my days in 2010.   At this point, I cross my fingers that one day, this year, all these will come true (or never happen again). 

First,  I wish to learn how to play the piano...exactly like how my friend's husband "makes love" with his piano.  Hehe!

Second, I wish this never happens again.  Ever!
What Typhoon Basyang left behind ... an overnight stay at the ICU and a 3-day accommodation at Asian Hospital.  And that folks is what stress is all about.  

Third, I wish that my love for making Mother's Heart necklaces will continue on despite the pain I feel in my right hand and the long hours devoted for making just one.

Fourth, I wish that in some way we inspire the Pharmacy staff ...

... and I wish to provide more employment opportunities to frustrated job-seekers by opening our 2nd branch here :) 
San Nicolas, Bayanan.

Fifth, I wish that my 5th year with J. Bond will be blessed by this :) ...

... where I can park my "wish" car too...

And lastly, I wish that our stars are destined for each other :)

How about you?  What's your wish for 2011?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cafe Boheme's Fizzy Fruits

I am strictly prohibited from having this.  Not even one.  Doctor's order.

Otherwise, I'll  find myself bound for this nightmare again.

No way!  I learned my lesson.  But can't refuse having my picture taken with it.  I thought of them as beads. Haha!

This by the way is called Fizzy Fruits, available at Cafe Boheme in BF Homes Paranaque.  Grapes (or pineapples) marinated in Vodka and some Fizz (maybe 7-up)!

J. Bond and my friends enjoyed it :)

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