Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010 the WACKY team

We met in 2004.  They helped me run a mall. 

Or a better way to way to describe it is that THEY RAN THE MALL and I was just their conductor.

I palpitated to my reply when the move was discussed with me.  I said yes but I was not expecting the huge responsibility that came with it.  Aside from running the mall, I  also needed to lead the team.  I  wanted to back off!  But I did not and I'm glad that I didn't.

I never expected that this move would  lead me to a set of wacky characters.  Why I said wacky?  Let me put it this way . . . Individually, they have their own characteristics.  But when together, they  transform into one and can be described as: 


NOISY.  I swear. They have this talent of  talking  all at the same time whether it be in a meeting or on lunch break  And yet, each one heard and understood what everyone said.

POKER addicts (not all).  There were plans of holding Friday Poker sessions.  It's still a plan to this day =)

BEACH-bums.  I prefer the mountains.  But with them, there's no other  choice but the beach.

frustrated SURPRISE PARTY organizers!  With the many times a surprise party was organized, they finally succeeded  with my bridal shower party held in the office!  Imagine how the office looked. . . all the sexy "tits and tats" displayed on the walls and tables at 10 AM . . . work hours and opening time of the mall.  Hilarious!

In my 12-year career life, this moment is what I cherish most.  I have learned that there was nothing to fear.  They just needed a friend to walk with them in achieving goals.

Now that we have gone our separate ways, we set get-togethers on a trying-hard regular basis.  They are still the same wacky team that I met in 2004 but this time living different passions and dreams.

The two finance officers, Den and Lei, are now living their lives abroad.  One working for a TV network, and the other, a full-time Mom.  

Our Advertising and  Promotions Officer, Rai,  has chosen a different path to take. She is currently taking up nursing. Yup, totally different!   The other officer, Kat, is still working for the mall and I'm pretty sure that she's having a blast.

borrowed Mike's photo

From a teeny-weeny sized mall, Engineer Ariel is now  assigned to the biggest mall. He has finally embraced his single status. I hope! 

Obi, my co-conductor, also retired young. . . younger than I am (in her 20s).  She now heads a newly renovated mall in the North, and is assisted by Engineer Earl.  Travelling to different countries is Obi's favorite pasttime, while Earl fulfills his Daddy duties on his free time.


This guy, Operations Officer Mike, is responsible for my beautiful bead photos from 2006 to 2008.  By Beaded Story made its mark because of his work. His two adorable kids are his mini-me.  I described them as "little mice" when they were younger :)   Their tiny whimpering and giggling voices were our sounds in the office on weekends. 

Chiqui, the friend I talked about in this blog http://bybeadedstory.blogspot.com/2010/02/february-5-2010-do-i-study-again-no.html, is currently working for a well-known insurance firm.  All I can say is that she was born to lead.  A great and true friend. We celebrate February 4 together.

I, in case you still have no idea, am living my bead dream and busy rallying for affordable yet quality medicines.

Last Friday, we met because of a very special occasion . . .

Borrowed the photo from Mike.

Roni, the girl who I relied on when I made the move in 2004 and the one who introduced to me the world of bazaars in 2006, got engaged a week ago.  Like the "Kim Possible" she is in work, she is almost DONE with organizing her wedding set in 2010. Only Roni can do that! I am so happy and truly looking forward to celebrating February 4 with her too.

Instead of photos from work, I chose to show photos of our coffee sessions and beach trips. Though we met in work, we are now way beyond that ... We may have gone our separate ways ... building on different passions and different dreams.  But we still SHARE  the same "deep" WACKY FRIENDSHIP :)

2009 Beach trip with our familes :)  Hopefully, the plan in April 2010 pushes through.

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