Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2009 I am the lord of my Rings

Have you ever read this epic tale?  Or have you ever had the chance to watch its movie version?


Lord of the Rings, in my own terms, is an epic tale which revolves around a ring.  With its beauty,  also came a mystical evil power.  Characters became obsessed and were  ruled by the ring.  

Well . . . I think this is how I become with my rings :)

I have been out on a quest for rings for 3 years now.  I have been collecting bunches of rings but rarely wear them.  The truth is, it is the color of these rings that made me start my collection.  Colors inspire me.

2008 Rings

2008 Rings

my Ring Bearer models my 2008 Rings

2009 Rings

2009 Rings

my 2009 wedding anniversary ring :)
Photo taken under a tree at Chapel on the Hill.

2010 Rings

2010 Rings

2010 Peacock Rings

my 2010 wedding anniversary ring :)
Photo taken on the same spot . . . under a tree at Chapel on the Hill.

There are still a lot of rings hidden somewhere in my storage boxes.  I definitely have to schedule a "quest" day to gather all these.

But unlike the characters in  Lord of the Rings, I am not ruled by my rings

I end up selling them :)

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