Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010 BREAK TIME!

Been so hectic for the past few days for the following reasons:


One, I finally have a Store OIC after 6 months of operations.  Aside from our every other day training sessions, my OIC has been very active in texting and sending emails, mostly securing my approval or just clarifiying matters.  Thus, I am online for approximately 16 hours a day including Sundays (16 hours is our  total store operating hours).

Two, we are now heavily promoting our February 2010 calendar of events.  The last 2 weeks of January were spent on flyering at wet markets and churches, visiting health centers, village-to-village and school campaign.  Here is a  plug on our February calendar in case you are in the area of Molino 3, Bacoor, Cavite :)

and Three, last January was the renewal of business permits.  Need not dwell on this anymore.  I refuse to relive the nightmare.  Lol!


The  first round of creations I did  two weeks ago received a beautiful response.  Happy Angel and Flower Garden were reserved last Monday.  Two sets of my favorite arrangement, Blue Moon, were bought and flown to Singapore last Sunday.

Thus, I am now working on and rushing to finish another set of my Flora Collection for Sonyas Garden due for delivery this Saturday (which by the way is also the day WE are celebrating 4)!  Ayayay! 

Unlike previous years, the flora design of 2010  is the hardest to put together.  It takes me more than half a day to finish just one.  


......Probably, one reason is the concept.  It may be worn in 3 ways: 

way # 1:  Long.  My favorite among the 5 designs:  Blue Moon!

 way # 2: Choker-style.  This the Dancin' in the Moonlight arrangement.

and way # 3, as a Hip Accent (belt) 

......Or, combining 5 long necklaces in one arrangement can absolutely take up time.  As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I value uniqueness.  Two pieces of the same arrangement may look the same but are totally different (just stare at the beads). 

......And maybe, this is what you call aging or the effect of early retirement.  I have slown down =)

But really, the arrangements of the past were easier to make.  Here are a few photos:

2007 Flora

2007 Flora

2008 Flora

2009 Flora

I still have a 3 arrangements to finish. With the pharmacy and my beads, I have been capping my days at one am with a stiff back.  But last night was different.  I ended with a chill! 

Photo taken by my husband close to 12 midnight last night.  Was working on another set of Flower Garden. My cel phone stays beside me when I bead because of texts and calls from the pharmacy.

Will take a rest today.  I hope =)

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