Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12, 2010 PRECIOUS TREASURES 1

I kept my promise. Went on a quest for rings day after sabotaging a hundred peso bill yesterday.  But instead of finding rings, I found these . . .


Lola's lockets

I remember the days when summer vacations were spent in her school.  She taught Literature and directed school plays.  I usually sat in her class and pretended that I was her student. 

When I got bored, she gave me hamburger stubs which I claimed from the school canteen. Those hamburgers were really good.  After, I would roam around the school, hang-out with co-teachers and chat with her students.  When there was nothing else to do and Lola was still in class, I swept the floor of the faculty room.  Lol! 

Moving forward . . .I met with a lady in her 50s a few years ago regarding her wood craft business. As I was about to introduce myself, she claimed that she knew me. She introduced herself as Lola's student and said I was that kid who roamed aimlessly in Lola's school.

Lola's pill box and Perfume cap

She introduced to me the world of Bayanihan.  Watched me in my swimming classes.  Sat beside me at the school gate while waiting for Driver Aunt to pick us up.

Lola's earrings and medallions

In the afternoons, she listened to her records played in a phonograph with her eyes closed.  This explains my love for songs of yesteryears. 

In the evenings, we spent watching TV shows together.  Lola on her favorite chair, while I on the floor.  I still practice this floor habit to this day, most especially when I bead. 

Lola's necklace

On Sundays, Lola cooked lovely dinners and served strawberry, raspberry or grape flavored jello for dessert.  My brother and I absolutely delighted our hearts and bellies on each jello bite.

Lola's pin and Stone pendant. 
The background image is a bookmark I had since grade school.

She was ahead of her times.  Ladies wore long, She wore it short. She spoke her mind when everyone else hid. Her heart was tough while others cried. 

A few of Lola's cross collection.

I miss her.  There are moments when I think of her.  I still see her school especially on days when I visit Quiapo.  

But when I want her near me, I find comfort. These precious treasures were handed down to me two years ago. . .

Lola's rings.  The ring on the left was her wedding ring.

The background images are from this novel
A book given by Lola to my Aunt.  This book now belongs to me.
Little Women was the last play Lola directed in school.

This is it for today.  There are a few more precious treasures from other folks that I was able to unearth.  Will share these with you very soon . . .

P.S.  I think everyday should be a quest day to divert my hands from sabotaging beads or hundered peso bills.

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