Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11, 2010 JUST BLABBING

as of 10am TODAY . . .
1.  Do nothing
2.  Think nothing
3.  Hear nothing
4.  See nothing 
5.  But bring back these senses by 7:45 pm to catch  ABS-CBN's new teleserye
6.  After that, I shut down again

Need to gather all  my strength  for a busy-busy weekend.

1.  Medical Mission for the eyes at the pharmacy.  Too many folks registered this month.  For the first time, we allowed  pre-registration through text and email  aside from our usual in-store registration.  The response is so overwhelming.  
2.  Meetings galore:  a) Senior Citizens of Bacoor; b) Dentist-friends who are so game to do the  "Libreng Bunot"  activity in March. Yup, a new gimik for the pharmacy; c) our week-ender internal updates; d) and, an on-the-side meeting about a barely surviving resto-bar in BF Homes. Well, I still do a bit of my former job.  I somehow miss it after all.
3.  Meet with  my B=RAVE dude friend to show me the handmade boxes he made  for my bead necklaces.  I'm super excited to see his work. You should see his picture frames made from unusual materials like coffee grounds and cigarette ash.  Beautiful!
4.  FINISH my TALA-glass collection.  Flash Report:  I accidentally broke a heart-shaped venetian glass yesterday. Tremendously clumsy!!!  Plus, I'm going too slow on this collection.  Ugh!

Oh no!  I almost forgot.  It's payroll time. This comes FIRST before the nothingness of Today and the everything else of this weekend.

as of 2pm TODAY:   


See what just happened . . . . .


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