Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Therapy Day

THE SIGN --  Coffee grounds splattered everywhere.  The brewer erupted this morning.  I (yes me) brewed coffee with no water!!!

The sign for a much needed break.  So I PAUSED the "fast" play button and headed straight to my therapy.

Here I am strolling slow along the aisle of my stress buster getaway.  Love this place. Just a kilometer away from my place.  No hustle and bustle...wide alleys lined up with goods from floor to ceiling...fresh-er  produce...exclusive finds.  The best part is the no worry parking :)

Went straight to the nuts section to check-out macadamia nuts.  Hola!  New stocks have arrived.  But WHOA!  A bag costs P1,200 ($22)!!!  Goodness.  I bought the exact same brand and size for $10 from my US trip last year.  Ugh!  Such a frustrating feeling.  The thing that you long for is right in front of you, yet by having it will just lead you to a whirlpool of guilt.  Husband decided on my behalf over the phone. 

Remember? I was there for a therapy.

Then, cans of my favorite CHEESE BALLS came to sight.  I was ecstatic.  The last can was gobbled by "pac-ME" 3 days ago.  I placed 2 cans in my cart ... and deliberated again! I adore Cheese balls and these are absolutely way cheaper than macadamia nuts.  But the beading stops when I eat cheese balls.  Not a good thing to do.  It is the eating that must stop and not the beading.  Ergo, I returned the cans and moved away.

Two finds, yet I still feel the same.  I was there for therapy and not to ponder on each find I see.

How about these next two? 

Two thoughts came to mind.  First, SQUEEZE the marshmallows.  I DID.  A split moment of relief.  Second, will this fit inside the Easter Eggs I bought for the Pharmacy?  A little party-hunt the team thought of to celebrate Easter.  Nah!  The mallow is bigger than the egg.  The bag almost made its way to my cart.

Wow!!!  The last time I had a Ring Pop was when I was still this small.  I wished in January that MMs were beads.  Today, I wish that  rings turn into Pops!  A new flavorful twist to something usual.  Love the idea of making normal AB-normal :)

Two hours of therapy and nothing.  By nothing, I mean fancy and colorful.  In other words, useless!

Perhaps this is just what I needed . . .  NOTHING! 

But don't worry, I brought home something . . .

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a repost on Blue Moon

(March 30)
I belong to a yahoo group called Crazy Planets . . . where anything and everything under the sun (mostly LOL discussions) are talked about.  I declare myself to be a "noonie-noonie" planet since  I rarely reply to the neverending string of correspondences.  I always get lost in the trail. 

Since the topic is relatively new (and while I'm still in the loop),  the hot topic as of yesterday  is about the BLUE MOON tonight.  Click on the word "blue moon" to know more. 

We're going "gaga" over this right now!

To the CRAZY PLANETS, I'm 200% sure that blue will be BLUER THAN BLUE in  a few hours.  Looking forward to the howls . . .




My ballet teacher's office was heaven.  It was in her small office where I discovered MAGIC.  With my my determination to learn magic, I started to sneak stuff from home and brought them to ballet class.  At 7, I was proud of my young self for discovering these life saving quick fix solutions.

to hide the 1 to 10 daily homework list  written in my homework diary from Mom.

to seal Mom's broken coffee cups.

How cool can that be?!  These quick fix solutions were the answer to my prayer..........................for only a single night (bummer!).  

I then began to see Mom in a different light.  She was the undercover detective who secretly monitored sneaky moves,  unearthed well-hidden evidence and brilliantly solved mind-boggling puzzles. Sly like a fox. She was the cop and I was the robber.

 If only I had known better.  Liquid Papers and Mighty Bonds are indeed quick fix solutions.  But never did they claim that they were magic potions to cover up my crime/s.   LOL!

In beading, there are days when I wish quick fix solutions existed most especially when:

I feel totally un-inspired . . .
I break glass beads . . .
I keep re-doing pieces such as this year's Flora collection (the hardest and longest time to put together).

Yet, being like the undercover detective Mom who I met when I was 7, I grew and learned that there are NO QUICK FIX SOLUTIONS when you desire for something perfect.

It's either you stick with a scarred cup ... or replace it with brand new.

Design and create a bead work with a half-heart ... or patiently re-do your work from the beginning until  you reach that 110% satisfaction.

In other words, it is a choice between OK(?)  ... or ... PERFECT!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Griffin & Sabine

It is a privilege to meet even just an image of the man behind the extraordinary and spellbinding correspondence of  Griffin and Sabine.  I waited long for this moment.  His illustrations and visions have been an intrigue. It still is. I yearn for the day I meet NICK BANTOCK in the flesh.

Excerpt from Griffin and Sabine . . . 

Sabine wrote:    Griffin:  It's good to get in touch with you at last . Could I have one of your fish postcards? I think you were right - the wine glass has more impact than the cup.

But Griffin had never met a woman named Sabine.  How did she know him? How did she know his artwork? Who is she? 
Thus, begins the strange and intriguing correspondence of Griffin and Sabine.  It all started with a mysterious and seemingly innocent postcard, but from that point nothing was to remain the same in the life of Griffin Moss, a quiet, solitary artist living in London.

His logical, methodical world was suddenly turned upside down by a strangely exotic woman living on a tropical island thousand of miles away. 

Who is Sabine?  How can she "see" what Griffin is painting when they have never met? Is she a long-lost twin? A clairvoyant? Or a malevolent angel? Are we witnessing the flowering of a magical relationship or a descent into madness?

A mind-boggling visual novel that unfolds in a series of postcards and letters, all brilliantly illustrated with whimsical designs, bizarre creatures and darkly imagined landscapes.

Absolutely belongs to the top spot in my list of  precious treasures.  I came across the 1st trilogy in the early 90's.  It was only 2 years ago I  brought home the 2 sets.   This novel have stirred numerous discussions. Is Sabine a reality or just a figment of Griffin's imagination?

My wild imagination says . . .  Thank you for sharing your inspiring work, Mr. Bantock!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This song played in my head for an hour . . . .

...while Husband and I stared at the moon from our garage :)  Hope you enjoyed EARTH HOUR 2010 the same way we did.

vote EARTH today

Pharmacy day started early today. At 6:30 am, a long line of consumers/patients waited patiently for their turn in our monthly free medical check-up.  200 patients were entertained.


At 9:30 am, the heat of the sun made its STRONG presence felt.

At 10 am, the activity was over.  We usually end at  12 noon.

A drastic change from previous months' medical mission all due to the unbearable heat.

Today, the Pharmacy votes Earth by turning off our aircondition from 8:30pm-9:30pm.  Note:  lights cannot be turned off due to safety reasons.


Lights at home will be turned off.  So beading will take a rest for an hour.

How about you?  Are you voting for Earth too?

Friday, March 26, 2010

what made me SMILE today (3/26/10)

The Diary of a Wimpy ME!

The deal. .  . Thou shall not be a WIMP, a MORON like ME~!

The car was a teeny-weeny inch away from the fence that separated the HUGE Hi-Way from the small Side Road.  I was on the side getting ready for the daredevil stunt.

What??? and Why???

I riduculously and insanely believed that PHOTOGRAPHY while DRIVING was ultra-Cool!  Snap and Zoom!

FIRST SNAP. Not bad huh?
The left on the wheel while the right snapped. Multi-tasking!

A closer 2nd SNAP!
Totally dissatisfied.  The tint came unnoticed. 
 I had to do the last make or break snap!

and this is it!. . .the make or break SNAP.!
Notice the car is somewhat tilted to the right (?). Yup! Towards the fence.

Horrid thoughts ran in my mind. The end was within reach.  But I didn't see the "light".  It was OFF! Lol.  What if it were ON??? Makes me wonder how  YOU and everyone else will react to my "insane" stunt . . . especially when you find out what this hocus pocus is all about.

Ok! Ok! It's all about this . . .

Lol!  Looking forward to April 3.

A nightly line I used to tell "ELMO" (a college friend) over the phone . . . "WHY STUDY? WHAT'S THE PURPOSE???  WE'LL  DIE ANYWAY!" . . . I was 17-ish.  I refused to understand. Once upon a time in our lives, we were faced with this question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  Uhm!  Easy to answer . . .  DOCTOR, engineer, BUSINESSMAN, lawyer, SUPERSTAR!!!, the PRESIDENT of the country  . . . what else?  In other words, there is an abundance of titles you can choose from.

My folks never dictated (not even once) the profession they envisioned for me. Now, I wonder why???   I sort of weaved my way through the hullaballoo.  No plan, No vision, whatever was attractive (tempting) there i went.

Have I known that beads were my calling, I should have taken bead-ery (whatever!).  But at 17 who would ever think of beads.

I wanted BUCKS!!!
I wanted BUCKS!!! to conquer the world!!!

But now, I'm "a bit over" bucks!?  Really?  I said "a bit" right.

Ergo, I feel 17 again and faced with the same W_mPY and Mor_n-ic question . . . So what do I want to be when I grow up?

Corporate . . . check!
my own Business . . . check!
Bead hobby . . . check!

Oh! here's one . . . when I grow up (remember, nothing's too late!), I want to be a DAREDEVIL PHOTO-DRIVER!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010 HOT-HOT-HOT!

the HEAT is on !!!

 . . . and it ain't April yet.  I feel the heat toasting my skin.  Even driving a full-blast airconditioned car does not save me from the pangs of Mr. Sun!

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE love the sun.  But I long for a cooler climate.  What's there to do?  Obviously none.  I live in Manila!

Rather than huffing and puffing my woes in this heat, here are bits and pieces of what to look forward to this summer.  

Numero UNO.  Click on this link to get you in the summer mood!

DOS.  a  PI√ĎA COLADA please!!! Lovely! ☼

TRES for the  Marias.  Fish for HUNKS in TRUNKS.  Triple (Y)!  Yeah! Yummy! You ROCK!!!

quatro.  Hit the POT, JACK ♠♣♥♦

Cinco . . . >>>>>   CHICAs  play all day and night.  Oooh La La!

Five on the list.  Sounds good!  MR. SUN, drop dead!  Here I come . . .

This summer,  
By Beaded Story brings you


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010 EARTH HOUR

At 8:30pm on March 27, 2010, cities and towns all over the world will celebrate Earth Hour by switching LIGHTS OFF.

Earth Hour is a LOUD call to action for every individual, community, business, and government to act and ensure a sustainable future. Everyone is invited to unite with the world in taking a stand on global warming.

By Beaded Story, the Pharmacy, and I commit to celebrate Earth Hour. 

How about you? 

Will  you opt to leave your lights on  while the entire world  celebrates in darkness?

Will you watch your every Saturday, 8:30pm TV show rather than gaze at the beauty of the night?

Or is it just too hot these days that spending an hour without aircondition is impossible?

If so, keep in mind that one hour of darkness on March 27 is such a tiny sacrifice compared to the  gigantic negative effect of a rapid climate deterioration to our day-to-day living.

*By Beaded Story invites you to join its cause to Save Mother Earth by donating P50 when you order any bead work. This will be donated to World Wild Life Fund Philippines and your purchase will be delivered to you in recycled packaging instead of the usual pouch. Visit for details.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what made me SMILE today (3/23/10): BOOM DE YADA

I stop what I do each time this comes on.

Absolutely a COOL jingle by Discovery Channel that captures the awesome world we live in.  There's so much to love!

I speak for myself . . . "I love the mountains" . . . "I love the clear blue skies" . . . "and all its sights and sounds" . . . "I love the whole world (and all its craziness)" . . .

How about you?  What do you love about our world?

March 23, 2010 three HIDDEN places

Location and Visibility are key points frequently identified when setting-up a retail business.  The general idea is - high traffic areas generate more sales.

Maybe true.

But let me show you these three known spots in Tagaytay that make you wonder how they have charmed millions of hearts despite their hidden location.  These places have already been blogged so many times but here are my "four/five-liner" thoughts why I frequent these places.


BAWAI'S (Vietnamese cuisine)
Bawai's was introduced to us by our friend . . . the daughter of Bawai.  Since my first visit, I have repeatedly patronized Bawai's for the freshness of their food and for satisfying my addiction to  their dish named BUN BO XAO (dry noodles with seared beef and vegetables). I am not a picky eater but once I fall in love with a certain taste, I can eat the same thing over and over again.  Dining in Bawais is absolutely a heartwarming treat because of their personalized service which makes you feel that you are just right at your own home.

There's so much to say about Sonyas Garden.  I have long been in love with this place.  I celebrated my marriage here.  A few years after, my bead works found its spot in their Country Store.  

So what do I love most?  I say EVERYTHING they offer . . .  beautiful flowers, ROSE SCENT oil, their BREADS at the Panaderia, salad VEGETABLES grown right at their backyard and of course their very own DRESSING, my masseuse DIVINE,  their evening sounds of KUNDIMAN, the HOSPITABLE staff, twinkling colored lights, TARAGON tea,  EMBROIDERED LINEN . . . and ART pieces hidden in secret rooms :)  Sonya herself showed me an authentic Manansala painting a year ago.

I discovered the healing power of honey found in Ilog Maria's products like soaps, shampoo, liquid soap, lotions, energy boosters, bee pollen, throat spray, ointments, liniments, anti-mosquito oils, cider vinegar,  candles, wood polish, natural oils.  

To get to Ilog Maria, you need to pass thru a very narrow rough road  where literally one car can only fit. The best part is during times when cows, goats or chickens cross your path. It might turn out to be a bit toxic especially for the first-timers.  But once you reach Ilog Maria, it's worth the travel.  

More than the products these three offer, I have come to realize that they have one thing in common.   They do not indulge themselves with heavy marketing strategies. They only have their website to create awareness and share information about who they are and what they offer.

Yet, people keep going back despite the distance and hidden location.  The reason may be the products they offer . . . the TASTE . . .the experience they openly share with everyone who visits their place. 

Or perhaps like me, I found in them a deep admiration. 

They have captured my heart for this simple reason . . .  THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO and LIVE WHAT THEY DREAM

p.s. My bead and I spent Sunday at these 3 hidden places with  the top of mind friends (minus Joy).
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