Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010 life's GPS

Thanks to its founders, we now have less worries on getting lost because of the existence of GPS.  Unfamiliar destinations are now easier to reach.  All we need to do is encode our destination on this portable gadget and closely listen to the robot-like voice for directions.  Such an amazing invention :)

But why isn't there yet a GPS that we can use and carry in our pockets to guide us in this journey called LIFE?  Perhaps if there's such thing, life would always be on the right track . . . no humps, no bumps . . . just smoothly gliding all the way. 

I wish I have the power to invent life's GPS.  I need one right this very moment.  I pray but I also yearn for a quick solution.  Swamped with lots of rush and must dos.  Voices telling me this and that. Frustrations here and there.  Now, I'm LOST!  All I see is a white flag and a locked door.

I will allow myself to feel this way today.  But tomorrow, I will have to push the button of my imaginary GPS . . . and listen to my voice say HELLO.  Hopefully then I find myself back on track . . . .

Arrived at Destination!

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