Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Therapy Day

THE SIGN --  Coffee grounds splattered everywhere.  The brewer erupted this morning.  I (yes me) brewed coffee with no water!!!

The sign for a much needed break.  So I PAUSED the "fast" play button and headed straight to my therapy.

Here I am strolling slow along the aisle of my stress buster getaway.  Love this place. Just a kilometer away from my place.  No hustle and bustle...wide alleys lined up with goods from floor to ceiling...fresh-er  produce...exclusive finds.  The best part is the no worry parking :)

Went straight to the nuts section to check-out macadamia nuts.  Hola!  New stocks have arrived.  But WHOA!  A bag costs P1,200 ($22)!!!  Goodness.  I bought the exact same brand and size for $10 from my US trip last year.  Ugh!  Such a frustrating feeling.  The thing that you long for is right in front of you, yet by having it will just lead you to a whirlpool of guilt.  Husband decided on my behalf over the phone. 

Remember? I was there for a therapy.

Then, cans of my favorite CHEESE BALLS came to sight.  I was ecstatic.  The last can was gobbled by "pac-ME" 3 days ago.  I placed 2 cans in my cart ... and deliberated again! I adore Cheese balls and these are absolutely way cheaper than macadamia nuts.  But the beading stops when I eat cheese balls.  Not a good thing to do.  It is the eating that must stop and not the beading.  Ergo, I returned the cans and moved away.

Two finds, yet I still feel the same.  I was there for therapy and not to ponder on each find I see.

How about these next two? 

Two thoughts came to mind.  First, SQUEEZE the marshmallows.  I DID.  A split moment of relief.  Second, will this fit inside the Easter Eggs I bought for the Pharmacy?  A little party-hunt the team thought of to celebrate Easter.  Nah!  The mallow is bigger than the egg.  The bag almost made its way to my cart.

Wow!!!  The last time I had a Ring Pop was when I was still this small.  I wished in January that MMs were beads.  Today, I wish that  rings turn into Pops!  A new flavorful twist to something usual.  Love the idea of making normal AB-normal :)

Two hours of therapy and nothing.  By nothing, I mean fancy and colorful.  In other words, useless!

Perhaps this is just what I needed . . .  NOTHING! 

But don't worry, I brought home something . . .

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