Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010 I ♥ KIM

I nagged my friend, Chiqui, to buy me this CD in SM Makati when I went on a one-week leave in 2007.  Instructions were crystal clear . . . buy NOW, send thru my husband, pay when I return.

Instead, she gave me this as her birthday gift :)

Yes!!!  I   KIM CHIU.  I   her song CRAZY LOVE . . . . Listen to the song and sing along with Kim.

Boy, I am super baduy and crazzzzyyyyyyy!!!  But  these two make me tick and smile wide.  So yes, I am baduy . . . crazy . . . plus a Kim-fan . . .  therefore, I am inspired. Wheeeee!!!!

How nice it would be to go back in time and experience this cRaZy -  kilig -  pupPY - babaw love one more time   Gosh! Can't take off this smile from my face :)  I can't even think sTRaiGHt . . .

Hmm . . . I think this is an effect of following too much blogs of today's young generation. Here's the common theme:

-  subject:  a mean (haha!) Crush
-  story:  Crush ignores, abuses or does not even know that she exists!
-  conclusion:  i am brokenhearted!!! too (LOL!!!))

I agree, to be young and in-love is a crazy combination.   Even my beaded cloth necklace can't make a perfect heart shape.  That's how crazy it can be.

But think of it this way. . .  Crazy Love is such a sweet spice!  Without it, how BORING it will be. . .  no smiles, NO TEARS, no mind games, NO STUFFED TOYS, no chocolates, NO ROSES, no torn letters,  NO SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, no first sweet kissES :(

So to my fellow "young" bloggers, just enjoy the ride.  I'm pretty sure that when you reach my  "teeny-weeny" bit older age, you'll also look back and smile at the craziness  ♥

P.S. I call my husband Gerald and he calls me Kim in my BADUY and CRAZY thoughts!

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