Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010 FATHERS DAY


I celebrate my Dad's birthday today.  This should have been his 69th year. He passed away more than 2 decades ago, but I know that he has never left my side. 

Way before Sonyas Garden existed, "the garden"  already came alive in my mind.   No one is allowed to enter the blue picket gate.  I discovered this.   Unlike any other gate, there are no borders, there are no fences.  The only way is to close my eyes, pass through the picket gate and walk  barefoot on the most beautiful path. 

At the end of the path, I see Dad in white by a fountain tending to his plants.   He stops when he sees me.  We embrace and he walks with me toward his cottage. Before we enter, I talk long (very long) and he just listens. 

As soon as I finish, we enter the white wooden door of the cottage which I call . . .  the cottage with no walls.

The first time I saw this, I asked, "Won't the wind blow you away?".  All he did was make me see the most beautiful sight I have ever seen  . . . Angels playing happily in his garden. 

I will visit Dad today to greet him a Happy Birthday right  before I pick-up Dad # 2 from the airport.  He is arriving at 11:45 am with a sign calling out my name (Lol!  That's what he said in his email.  Please don't!). The sky is gloomy, with a bit of drizzle.  A happy break from the scorching heat.  It must be because of Dad # 2 . . . another theory, he attracts the rain. 

I am so excited to see Dad # 2.  He was in Manila October last year (after Typhoon Ondoy and during Typhoon Pepeng).  Then we were together again 2 weeks after in New York. He was declared the official companion during my trip.  It's my turn. I wonder where I'll take him this time.

Most likely, we will have breakfast in a Park tomorrow, then have lunch in a garden and walk along the labyrinth path next weekend.

The Angel Charms I used for my Flora 2010 collection

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