Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010 HELP!


The recent earthquake in Chile with an 8.8 intensity (plus in Haiti, Taiwan, Japan and 6 others in the last 48 hours is no longer a wake-up call. 


As mentioned in this blog, every saving act we do, whether tiny or large, is for you, for your loved ones, for everyone and for the generations to come.

This then brings me to what B=RAVE dude friend has been doing. 

After hitting 4 buckets of golf balls at the Driving Range a week ago, B=RAVE dude friend gave me 6 more recyled pizza boxes  for my bead crafts.  This time, the boxes came in full color which absolutely added more character. 

We decided to stick with the "journal" box concept since By Beaded Story is all about my bead works that interrelate with my day-to-day routine.  The colorful boxes are now on display at my night table. Lovely to look at especially with the yellow light coming from my lamp.

Before heading back home, B=RAVE dude friend gave a short tour around his garage workshop.  I then discovered these.... 

Picture frames made out of  newspaper, telephone directory, ash,
eggplant skin, coffee grounds

Paper made out of newspaper and receipts

Absolutely no idea on how he made paper.  My first and last attempt to make paper was in High School.  I failed.  But he uses this and I didn't. . .

He has even started planting herbs in recycled containers.  Can't wait to see all these in full bloom.  It may take time though.  He said to wait until July. 

I admire B=RAVE dude friend for what he has been doing.  With his cause to recycle and grow more greens, he has created a following amongst the children in his neighborhood.  They visit him in his garage workshop when he works in the mornings. They even help pull-out weeds.  I was a witness to it.  Tiny voices were calling out "PARDS" (partner for short) when they heard B=RAVE dude friend's voice. I saw their excited faces looking over the fence.

With what I witnessed, I realized that "PARDS"/B=RAVE dude friend stands as a good role model to these youngsters.  He may not be aware of it but he has taught them a GREAT way to build a beautiful future. 

P.S.  To PARDS/B=RAVE dude friend (Bien):  I have a pizza box for you.  Lol! Also, make sure to mark all your works (including my boxes) with your signature.  These are your works, not mine nor anyone else.  I am just your fan! Bravo!

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  1. grabe trix, now lang i read this. been almost four months posted. you hit every detail on the button. galing! what can i say? thanks much trix. i have more boxes for you. some as you specified, others i played with, even using cigarette fliptop packs. -bienonymous


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