Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010 why are you frowning? SMILE :)

I have been using these smileys for the Pharmacy lately because of our upcoming activity "LIBRENG BUNOT" (free tooth extraction).

Aren't they cute?!!! I love looking at these smileys because of their sunshine faces that  make my day bright. Even the missing tooth smiley makes me smile wide.

Because of these smileys, I came up with the idea of  jotting down a "What made me SMILE today" list.   I came up with 5 yesterday. . . 

Smile 1
I smile to the song "SMILE" . . . I often listen to Nat King Cole's version but I found out yesterday that the music was actually composed by funny man Charlie Chaplin.  "Smile" was originally used as an instrumental theme in the soundtrack for the 1936 movie of Charlie Chaplin entitled Modern Times. Amazing, right?! 

Click on the link below to listen to the song Smile and watch snippets of Charlie Chaplin's years in the entertainment biz.

Smile 2
Remember this blog about losing my 2006-2007 bead photos   In my search, I came across photos which I have put together because of the smiles :) 

Smile 3
Guess what?  I have been picking small white flowers from this plant every morning (reason why I have been buying bread from a nearby bakeshop instead of my favorite French Baker). This plant is found near the Village gate and I think I have been picking too much flowers.  The flowers you see  are the last two.  But I smiled yesterday morning because lots of buds are soon to bloom.  Will check it out again in a bit . . .

Smile 4
Slept late Monday night and woke up with huge eyebags . . . all because of a suspense - I say horror! - TV show my husband watched (my eyes were hidden behind my hands all throughout the show)Husband slept well even with my intentional act of leaving the lights on (Lol!).  But I woke up to the aroma of my favorite Hazelnut brewed coffee served in my "Mother's Coffee" mug :)

Smile 5
And of course, I smiled to this  . . . . while . . . .

. . . I watched this yesterday afternoon! 

Now I wonder what will make me smile TODAY? . . . I'll let you know tomorrow . . .

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