Monday, March 29, 2010

Griffin & Sabine

It is a privilege to meet even just an image of the man behind the extraordinary and spellbinding correspondence of  Griffin and Sabine.  I waited long for this moment.  His illustrations and visions have been an intrigue. It still is. I yearn for the day I meet NICK BANTOCK in the flesh.

Excerpt from Griffin and Sabine . . . 

Sabine wrote:    Griffin:  It's good to get in touch with you at last . Could I have one of your fish postcards? I think you were right - the wine glass has more impact than the cup.

But Griffin had never met a woman named Sabine.  How did she know him? How did she know his artwork? Who is she? 
Thus, begins the strange and intriguing correspondence of Griffin and Sabine.  It all started with a mysterious and seemingly innocent postcard, but from that point nothing was to remain the same in the life of Griffin Moss, a quiet, solitary artist living in London.

His logical, methodical world was suddenly turned upside down by a strangely exotic woman living on a tropical island thousand of miles away. 

Who is Sabine?  How can she "see" what Griffin is painting when they have never met? Is she a long-lost twin? A clairvoyant? Or a malevolent angel? Are we witnessing the flowering of a magical relationship or a descent into madness?

A mind-boggling visual novel that unfolds in a series of postcards and letters, all brilliantly illustrated with whimsical designs, bizarre creatures and darkly imagined landscapes.

Absolutely belongs to the top spot in my list of  precious treasures.  I came across the 1st trilogy in the early 90's.  It was only 2 years ago I  brought home the 2 sets.   This novel have stirred numerous discussions. Is Sabine a reality or just a figment of Griffin's imagination?

My wild imagination says . . .  Thank you for sharing your inspiring work, Mr. Bantock!

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