Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was faced with 3 questions from 3 different people this month. . .

Question 1: 
"How come you never considered setting up a kiosk for your beads in a mall?" 

Question 2: 
"Can you work as a sub-contractor for my bead business? 

Question 3:
"I need beaded BIB necklaces for a high-end store in Makati. Can you make it?"

I was stunned.  I used to ask the 1st question when I was still working for the mall.  As for the 2nd and 3rd questions, I felt a momentary excitement because I knew that these  proposals -- with the condition of exclusivity and having to sacrifice By Beaded Story's name -- equated to income.   

Let me tell you, this is not the first time I was asked these questions.   In previous encounters, I would say I will think about it. 

But this time, I give you my answer . . .

By Beaded Story happened at a time when I longed for  a creative outlet.  I wanted to see and feel more color amidst a black and white world. I had to get out of that 4-sided box and be able to work freely... without any pressure and deadline.

So one day, my heart chose to bead. 

I call these LUCKey Charms. 
I made 300 pieces of these on the day I decided to end my 12-year corporate life.  

I bead because
. . .  I am able to share with you my stories.
. . .  I show you how I see the world.
. . .  I feel fulfilled.

Me at my first bazaar in 2006.  St. James the Great Bazaar.

I am thankful for the appreciation,  for the business proposals, for invitations to lease a permanent space.  But all these years, I have shielded By Beaded Story from my black and white world.  I refuse to accommodate fads, pressure and deadline.  Let the Pharmacy handle that.

By Beaded Story's booth at St. James the Great Bazaar.

I will continue to live with what I originally planned for By Beaded Story . . .  To bead with a Story.  To be unique and one-of-a-kind. To produce in  limited quantities.  To make my presence felt where I feel is right. 

I never saw my beading as a business nor a hobby.  

By Beaded Story is all about LIVING ONE'S DREAM.

A blurred photo of a dragonfly resting on the mirror I used during the 2009 Sunday Market at ATC.  This is my favorite photo among all my bazaar photos.

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