Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, 2010 Ride a MOTORCYCLE. Anyone???

I promised to say Hello today.

So I did.  I said Hello to this first thing in the morning.

Lol!  My husband and I were on the hunt for a motorcycle for the Pharmacy.  While my husband was busy going through features and terms, I just stood staring at these motorcycles thinking of ....

1.  ....What color will we choose?  I know it is only a choice between blue or orange (the colors of our logo).  But the other colors are very attractive too.  Like Fuschia or Apple Green!!! ... My heart says it has to be different, the way I am with my bead works. When everybody looks to the right, I look to the left.   But then again, this is not for By Beaded Story.  This is for the Pharmacy.

2.  ... How dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle, yet a more efficient and faster way to deliver orders.  So I have no other choice... unless someone from the team learns how to flap his arms and fly high.

3.  ... There is a huge motorcycle-mania in Manila.  Here's my theory:  one car is equivalent to at least 20 motorcycles.  Try counting the motorcycles that pass you by and those that go against the flow while stuck in traffic. A technique that eases  my  boredom.  With my new-found habit, I have unfortunately witnessed too much reckless motorcycle driving too.  They manage to squeeze  in every wide or TEENY-WEENY space.  Ergo, a lot culminate in a motorcycle-wreck (An average of 3 per week from where I am.).

As I was deep in my # 3 thought, this appeared right before my eyes ...

I did not bother ask why the manufacturer chose Tsunami as its model name.  Perhaps, riding such motorcycle would feel like cruising on a tidal wave.  A marketing tactic, targetting the bold and the adventurous.  

But wouldn't it be more appropriate if Tsunamis  and other recent calamities are treated seriously rather than  using its name in vain? 

The HELLO of course turned to ADIOS!!!

I then wondered when and where we can find the right motorcycle fit for our requirements. 

Later on, we said HELLO and "It's YOU!" to  this ....

Honda Motorcycles provide clean emission which surpasses the Philippine Clean Air act regulation.  Passing emissions keep you ECO-FRIENDLY!

P.S.  We ended up with SILVER . . .  not blue, not orange . . .  nor fuschia or apple green :)

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