Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010 EARTH HOUR

At 8:30pm on March 27, 2010, cities and towns all over the world will celebrate Earth Hour by switching LIGHTS OFF.

Earth Hour is a LOUD call to action for every individual, community, business, and government to act and ensure a sustainable future. Everyone is invited to unite with the world in taking a stand on global warming.

By Beaded Story, the Pharmacy, and I commit to celebrate Earth Hour. 

How about you? 

Will  you opt to leave your lights on  while the entire world  celebrates in darkness?

Will you watch your every Saturday, 8:30pm TV show rather than gaze at the beauty of the night?

Or is it just too hot these days that spending an hour without aircondition is impossible?

If so, keep in mind that one hour of darkness on March 27 is such a tiny sacrifice compared to the  gigantic negative effect of a rapid climate deterioration to our day-to-day living.

*By Beaded Story invites you to join its cause to Save Mother Earth by donating P50 when you order any bead work. This will be donated to World Wild Life Fund Philippines and your purchase will be delivered to you in recycled packaging instead of the usual pouch. Visit for details.

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