Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Cheers 2011

2012 will be a year of extremes.  I'm sure of that.  But no matter what, in highs and in lows (nothing grey this time),  I know I am blessed. Cheers to you, your loved ones and your dreams!
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In a month

That was fast.  Deal closed in a span of 15 minutes this morning. 

Like what I said, for growth.

A prayer answered.  But, may five lives find and know their calling real soon.  Oh dear!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thinking 2012

2 days before Christmas.  And all I think of is 2012...

1.  Expect the unexpected.
2.  Doors will close for growth.  Unfortunately sooner than projected. But another prayer answered.
3. Onto the next chapter with thread and needles.
4.  Begin and end each day with a thank you.
5.  Explore.
One day, I will expound. For now, I wish you all a merry, cheerful, blessed Christmas! -- Trix

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25-plus years friends

This lunch, I'm scheduled for a bit of catching up with a few college friends.  A year long of living our own day-to-day usual grind, isn't it just wonderful how Christmas can bring everyone together even just for a day.  I'm looking forward.

And boy did I enjoy yesterday's threesome celebration of friendship. 25-plus years, and still going...

Like in the past,  I surrounded them with beads :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-Christmas Hodge Podge

Having fun with your pre-Christmas festivities?

I'm cruising along.

I have zero available stocks of these necklaces. I need to make more. Orders are piling up.
This year is its year! 

Then, I panicked after dropping by Sonya's Garden yesterday.  Recently delivered bead works are close to depletion. So, new stocks shall be delivered in a day or two. 

This ceramic wide open mouth multi-purpose  fish holder is now officially extinct.  I sold all, except one- mine! Quite a number of clients have asked what they could put in its mouth.  Well,  I put anything and everything I could think of including onions and garlic.
 Talk to J. Bond to know how overly "cuckoo" I went over this fish.

Of course, I had absolute fun during the Pharmacy's Christmas Salo-Salo. We went home all hyped up and roaring with laughter from the whole day affair.  

 Then, there's this green wall I've been going home to everyday.  It will be turned back to its original white state this weekend.  Alleluia!

Lastly, I am addicted to this game called Pachinko. Serious!  Next in line...

More hodge podge coming soon.

Friday, December 9, 2011

BAZAAR 2011 Photos

ERGO, bazaars could take a toll on health.   Here's why...Too much sales talk=Sore Throat. Heat and Rain combined=Fever.  Now,  I'm down with a flu.  Aging, I think, is a culprit too.  This had not happened in the past. So, there you go.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed.  Here are a few highlights.

By Beaded Story's display.

(Super) Early morning set-up.  Focus and full attention required when fixing bead works.  

A few bead necklaces up close.

TALA with bead accent


Purple BEAD CLOTH necklace


I had a  few non-bead goods too.

EARRINGS for kids

MESSAGE BRACELETS.  I talked about the bracelets here.

FLAMENCO SHAWLS scattered around

Friends who came over. They were my gunshot deals. Thanks guys!
Since high school

New-found friends

At my beck and call friend, B=RAVE DUDE FRIEND. 

Everybody's "BFF", young and old

Bugsy's FANS

J. Bond's newly discovered sideline, Bantay Bata (my friend's 2 out of 4 kids)...

...and, Bantay Aso (Bugsy and "Bernard")

To a few other friends, a Timezone co-worker and a boss with her not-so-little girls anymore, apologies for missing out on the photo shoot. Those were hectic moments, but I truly appreciate your interesting news. Even amidst the hectic-ness, I was  100% all ears.

To  those who came, patronized, or simply followed By Beaded Story's bazaar-hop this year once again, here's a huge warm Thank You!!! The hop has ended, but should you wish to order any of our collections, post your message on facebook or send your email to

An advance Cheery Christmas to you and your loved ones!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Message Bracelet

I had these kids' message bracelets up for grabs in my recent bazaar-hop.

Putting them on display in a wide open mouth ceramic fish did wonders!

J. Bond got hooked, and took time to create his own message bracelet.

Then, I realized that the B's in our together-life continue to tick more than ever.

Want one? Send your email to

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toys & Gifts Bazaar 2011

Last year's Alabang Hills Village Toys & Gifts Bazaar was a blast.  Obviously, I enjoyed.

This weekend, here it is again. I am excited.

Hope to see you there.  Click HERE to see more photos of last year and the reason for my soft spot.
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