Monday, December 13, 2010

All by myself ...

... well, not really.  I actually had these two lugging behind.
Mwahaha!!! B=RAVE Dude friend and J. Bond enjoying their sweet moment over a small bag of nuts.

But for last weekend's Alabang Hills Village Toys and Gifts bazaar, I have taken the "all by myself" route, leaving my usual bazaar sales troop out of the picture. A deliberate move for interaction purposes, to get to know the market in a much deeper sense and hear from them how they see my designs.  (straight from the eyes of the beholder).  Today, i still hear the "wow" and "nice" words I gathered. A source of inspiration and motivation to get going with the design plan for 2011. Muchos Gracias!

And Thank You by the way to cookbook lady and little bead-kiddo who permanently stationed themselves at my booth and proudly modeled my bead works during the 3-day stint...

So, with me selling...

 ...and interacting,

these ghosts guys were apparently having a grand time...
The pot, a picture with Santa.  Haha.  Not the statue Santa.
More like this Santa...
Santa at my booth and a Photo op with kids.

The pizzas that were delivered "out-of-the-box" for the Pizza Eating Contest.
Literally on top of a "small" delivery box.  Lol!

The hungry pizza-eaters. Guess who joined?

Looking really busog ...

But these three looked as if gorging on a 30-inch pizza is their day-to-day thing.  Pwedeng-pwedeng  pizza endorsers.  Hahaha!

Is that you, water heater? The guilty stare said it all.  Anything for free coffee.

Then, I replied with a "HA?!" when I was told by the Crocs team of  J. Bond's participation in their sponsored Crocs Walk Relay.
Hay naku! May pa-stretch stretch pa before the relay.  To think that this was just a parlor game? ...with kids as his team-mates.  Hahaha!
The "giant" kid in action.
And, their team won!  I bagged the prize. Yay! May pa-High 5 High 5 pa!

My moment with the gigantic Crocs.  One shoe fits two!

I nagged the two to join the donut eating contest too. They claimed that they were already full.  Finally!

But of course, they did not let go of Sunday's bingo socials.

Before the bingo happened, the security team of Alabang Hills Village rendered a macho dance number.  Bravo!!! Haha!

The bingo that started in the afternoon ...

Worked its way til night ...
and, ended in darkness.
The power tripped out on us for an hour.  But thank you to my yearly same neighbor who shared her light :)

How it looked when power was restored.  Pretty!

The Alabang Hills Village Bazaar strongly stays on top of my bazaar list for these reasons: good finds, relaxing shopping ambiance and most especially its strong sense of camaraderie and community. I am missing it right this moment and hoping that next year's run will be much longer.  Maybe a week? 

For now, the time has finally arrived to celebrate CHRISTMAS!

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