Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sell beads to shop in Mango

I almost fell asleep while at Christmas Mass ...

 ... exhausted from the rush, lunches, dinners, coffee dates, reunions, parties, and beading!  Two weeks had past since the last bazaar, but the beading ain't over yet.  Mother's Heart necklaces have been in-demand and I'm trying  hard to squeeze in the production amidst the festivities.

Five necklaces (3 Our Lady of Guadalupe and 2 Our Lady of Mediatrix) are due for delivery tomorrow to a client,  the rest were committed for delivery towards the end of this week and a few others-1st week of January 2011.  I never expected such reaction, considering the limited clientele this arrangement may appeal to. 

I'm not complaining though.  In fact, I am motivated to sell MORE.  I now have bucks to spend in Mango's ongoing sale.  Hahaha!

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