Friday, December 24, 2010

Wish granted

I've been on the track for a neck for quite some time now.  I do my own modelling, but there is still a need for  necks to display more bead works in bazaars.  So, I've been snooping around and these necks I came across at St. James the Great Bazaar are the best so far ...

Here's the thing. I'd rather not spend for a neck.  Explains why I haven't bought one yet.   But I really did wish for one.

Wishes apparently do come true (haha).  Mine happened on the night of the cookout.  Thanks to B-rave dude friend.  I now have my very own neck made from pages of an old telephone directory.  He wants it painted, but I'd rather have it looking raw.  Extraordinary.

I requested for more. In different sizes.

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