Thursday, December 23, 2010

A slice of my favorite place

Last Sunday was all about celebrating the holidays with the pharmacy staff. Store closed.  Uniforms tucked away.  A day meant for eating,  having fun and sharing a slice of one of my favorite places on earth...Tagaytay. 

Taal Volcano behind the fog.

Months ago, the team travelled to Tagaytay for charity work at Little Angels Orphanage.  Everyone had a meaningful time despite the toll it took on us.  Haha! Looking after 32 kids for a day was an absolute test of stamina and patience.  We capped the day tired yet feeling fulfilled and touched by the kids' genuine affection. 

But last Sunday was different. We chilled out ...

First stop, lunch at Viewsite Seafood Inihaw Restaurant.

The model wannabes.

Lunch with a serenade at Viewsite.

Gift giving.

Then, a quick stopover at Sonya's Garden to drop off Christmas Cookies for the "Sonya's Angels" - Girlie, Ms. Lourdes, Nanay Inday and Divine ...

The path in between the Country Store (where my bead necklaces are displayed) and the Spa.

Roaming around the grounds of Sonya's Garden, while I distributed cookies.

A butterfly that crossed my path :)

My favorite flower in bloom!!!  If by chance you visit Sonya's Garden soon, take a whiff.  It smells like butter. Muchos gracias, Sonya's Angels, for the "butter" flower :)

Last stop, Ilog Maria for honey and soaps ...

Picture spot, with bees.

J. Bond in-waiting while we roamed and shopped.

Ceramic wind chimes :)

The boys ready to head home.

How about you?  How are your Holiday festivities coming along?  Hope you are having a blast.  But don't forget to indulge yourself with your "faves" as well :)  Cheers!

P.S.  Thanks Ms. Rowena for the apple tarts.  We loved it!  See you again ... in S&R.
Apple Tarts from Rowena's Tarts (Tagaytay)

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