Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why OKRA for Christmas? ...

...because of my involvement in bazaars that began mid-October. And, because it will finally come to an end this weekend.
The Alabang Hills Village Toys and Gifts Bazaar will run from December 10-12, 2010, with lots of fun activities and cool shopping finds. This is it -- the final leg!  So I hope to see you there. 

Since 4th quarter revolved around bazaars that entailed locking myself up during non-bazaar days for the sake of bead work, there was just no time to shop (for others).  Not even to get going with my Christmas list!  So when December 4 came along, the day when social gatherings began, I faced panic. 

First,  I had a bazaar on that same day. 

Second, I was not ready at all for any gift giving. 

And third,  I wondered  how in the world can I produce "instant" gifts for the 16 or so members of the crazyplanets without having to go through the nerve-wracking Christmas rush/traffic. 

Then, a light bulb moment came along.  Reason why crazyplanets was brought to life was the fact that we have been bound by one common appeal ... craziness ... lunacy ... or in our own concocted linggo, KA-OKRAYan!!!

Ergo, I give credit to my Mother-in-law and her backyard OKRA Farm ...
Entrance to the Okra Farm

Okra-galore found at the side and back of the house

Harvest is on a weekly basis.  Think abundance of Okras. 
In fact, I had to beg off at one point. 

December 4's harvest produced a hundred Okras. Enough for the crazyplanets -- for consumption purposes and getting my "OKRA-Y" point across.  Haha, it did have an impact!  By the way, remember the brown paper bags from South Supermarket I talked about in this blog?  Well, here they are now, cut into small pieces, and wrapped around the Okras ...

Apparently, Okras are itchy.  It was with major difficulty bundling and wrapping them with bare hands.

16 scratched out from the list -- instantly. Problem solved.

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