Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Brian! Oh Bryant!

first, this brIan.

Same time as Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement brouhaha, another engagement happened along.  More discreet, but transpired amidst the alluring lights of fabulous Las Vegas.  Absolutely an awesome venue for an engagement which I think signifies the couple's endearing decision to GAMBLE on the "forever" life known as marital bliss-ter.  Just kidding! But to think that the sweet  YES came before the question popped, that folks is what I believe gambling is all about.  HaHa!

Back in college, Lilet was declared as the group's "goddess" because of her knack for beauty products and collection of colorful contact lenses.  The world did turn upside down on days she faced us with green or blue sparkling eyes.  A mirror was, and continues to be her bag's primary staple.  So when we both watched Devil's Advocate in the 90s, I just had to bluntly blurt out that this famous line was aimed at her ...

VANITY is my favorite sin.  Hahaha!  Sorry for bringing back the memories, Lilet.  On a serious note, Lilet was my spur-of-the-moment out-of-town buddy when we hit our "tumultuous" 20s.  We paddled our way towards beach resorts without any planning, most especially when heart concerns troubled us.  Our trip to Coral Reef in Cebu was by far our most memorable trip.  It was  there  where we both vowed to leave our "boy" woes behind and wished hard that they be drowned down under the deepest, darkest pit of the sea and be feasted upon by sharks. We haven't returned since then. I'm sure the lost-"boys" are still there. Buried. For life.

Today, the group is celebrating Lilet's engagement to Brian.  Despite the doubts and foolishness thrown her way by us, her so-called real friends, we are genuinely happy for her.  We have long since come to terms with Lilet's manicured eyes.  But I'm sure, the green or blue eyes sparkle a 100 times more these days. 

Hey Brian, are you sure??? There's still time ....

Best wishes to the both of you!

Lilet and I at Tagaytay Highlands, our last out-of-town trip together before she flew to California.

And then, this brYant.

I avoid posting personal comments on By Beaded Story's facebook page.  But when Dad2 recently mentioned about a Christmas shopping spree at Bryant Park with Mom, I could not help but post my wish-to-buy list on facebook.  All I want is another one of this ring anyway ...

Ayayay!  I wish I was shopping in Bryant Park right this moment.  Here are some shots taken 4th quarter of 2009.

Browsed around Bryant Park literally almost everyday.

Taken on the day after I arrived.  Haha!

The Angels of Dad2 and J. Bond.  Cheers!

Now back to reality,  see you at the Alabang Hills Village Bazaar tomorrow.  As I've said in this blog, this bazaar is the final leg for the  year :)  Then, I'm off to celebrate Christmas!

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