Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boy Oh Boy

Teenage talk:
Boys. Thesis. Crushes. Parties. Flings. MUs (get it?).  UAAP!!! h.h.w.w. (holding hands while walking! eek!!!). Sleepovers. ... (and Onin ---  the famous ensaymada!  peace mac!).

US three in our teens with the rest of the gang. Scroll down to know which three I'm talking about.  
In our 20s, the talk evolved to: 
Work hard, Play HARDER!   Relationships.    "What's up tonight?"    Engagements.    "Makati, Malate"   Love Love Love!   "Party-hopping here, there, everywhere"   Spur of the moment travels.    "Booze night!"    Diet!    "The world is mine mine mine!"    Trends.   Bands!   In a nutshell, let's Parteeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!

US three in our 20s. The rest of the gang, M-I-A!
Fastforward to present times...the 30s, chika-talk last Friday (8.20.10):

Lunch or Afternoon coffee dates.  Less! on the evening get-togethers.
What's for dessert?   Kids. Cribs. Good schools. Vaccinations. Yoga. Wellness. Home renovations. In-laws :) Travel. Finances. And a teeny-weeny bit on our "forever and ever flings" Chuck, Myke and James (lol!).

US three in our 30s. From left:  meet Mac the teacher and storyteller, Ric the Mommy and Ms. Pic-a-Pizza (yup, pizza is her specialty) and Me the beader in a Flora (dancin in the moonlight) arrangement!  The rest of the gang??? ..... They are now living their lives elsewhere :)
BOY OH BOY!!!  Time does fly so fast. The chika  says it all.  Makes me wonder what the talk will be all about in our 40s. 50s. 60s....  Looking forward!

Dum de dum dum DUM@@@!!!!

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