Friday, August 27, 2010

Wood Carving at SM Makati

Last destination of my long day route yesterday was SM Makati (again) for a quick scout on possible birthday gift ideas. At the middle of the mall, I bumped into him.

Let's get this clear, this ain't me despite the connection I instantly felt upon first sight. Lol!  But he does remind me of me when I bead.  Yup, this is how I look -- all that you see in this photo, including the hand and FEET "gesture", spells M-E.   Oh, and the mess too.  Explains why the back pops after the beading.

Amazing!  The last time I witnessed such activity was more than 5? years ago from a place better known as Paete, the home of wood carvings in the Philippines.  But to get there would roughly take 3-4 hours land travel from Manila. So I give my "kudos" to SM for making such activities accessible to folks (who refuse to drive far) like me. 

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