Saturday, August 14, 2010

finding YOGI

It was only while enduring the long 3 hours wait at my doctor's clinic yesterday that I found time to get going with this book.

After 4 long years of remaining untouched, off I began traversing the self-exploration of the writer Elizabeth Gilbert during her early 30s.  I thought, finally!  In fact, looking at its cover was good enough considering the years of  neglect and the hint of yellowness its pages have turned into.   Haha.  That's how I am with books.  Buy now. Read years after.

When I earlier said "began", I literally began with page 1 (the introduction) and ended at page 3 (the end of the introduction).  Only a meager number of three pages vis-a-vis a long wait of three hours. One page per hour.  Absurd right?  Even if faced with a book, I was more consumed with --

Popping mental reminders of unaccomplished things to do for the remaining days of  this week like household chores, pharmacy concerns, my bead production, hourly monitoring of health matters, my neverending weekly visits to the doctor .....

The ongoing game over Kris Aquino's newest TV show, Win na Win. Yes, a wall-mounted TV boomed wildly at the waiting area.  Probably meant to shield doctor's assistants from IM-patient complaints. Yesterday's Open-Susi-Me contestant won a million bucks!!! Click HERE to watch. So just imagine the excited screams of my co-patients-in-waiting.  I was shocked. I wanted a million bucks too!!! The TV strategy works!!!

And that obnoxious dennis the menace (though cute) who broke my eardrums from his shrieking  screams, running/jumping/hopping/rolling all around and pulling window blinds up and down at the waiting area. The "crooked brow look" I gave was useless!

ERGO, I went home more NUTS than ever (and with a stern mandate by the doc to return for another check-up asap). Let's just say test results backslid a bit.  Ayayay!   For the meantime, I already know what needs to be done on top of the drastic turnaround of eating habits.  This one, I have  deliberately turned on a deaf ear for a long time despite the frequent nagging by my dear-ies.  But thanks to Ms. Gilbert, I am inclined to think that I am destined for this .....

In Eat Pray Love's introduction, Ms. Gilbert shares with  readers The Japa Malas ...
When traveling in India - especially through holy sites and Ashrams - you see a lot of people wearing beads around their necks.  You also see lot of old photographs of naked,  skinny and intimidating YOGIS (or sometimes even plump, kindly and radiant Yogis) wearing beads, too.  These strings of beads are called japa malas.  They have been used in India for centuries to assist devout Hindus and Buddhists in staying focused during prayerful meditation.  The necklace is held in one hand and fingered in a circle - one bead touched for every repetition of mantra.
The CONCLUSION:   It is a must that I weed the stressful elements out of my system (and eardrums) at the soonest possible time.  Therefore,  shop (lol but tried and tested) and find myself an authentic YOGI are the 2 probable solutions :)

Know of one?

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