Friday, August 6, 2010


Ooh, it's almost the weekend again.  Remember when I raved about the new look and pocket-draining finds found at SM Southmall's department store?  Well, that was two weekends ago.  Exactly the same time this eye-catching flyer landed on the windshield of my car.  Must be fate?

Front of the flyer

and back

So the weekend after, I found myself at the newly opened Payless store in Festival Mall (Alabang)...

Here's me, in my FLORA NECKLACE (Dancing in the Moonlight), browsing through the many shoe styles and designs located along my "size" aisle.  Yes, shoes are categorized according to size and no need to bug any of the sales staff since all items are neatly arranged right smack in their shelves.  No "stalking" and "shopper-scrutinizing" by the staff as well.  Whew!  A big relief from my pet peeve.  Note:  I end up with NOTHING when the stalking happens.  I deliberately make the round-about...the staff follows and follows... then I exit!  So there, we just go in circles. Hahaha!

The ballet flats on the flyer. LIVE!!!

Payless is actually not a top-of-mind store when I'm in the U.S.  No particular reason but it has always been that way. But  now that they've hit Manila, I just had to pay a visit perhaps for comparison purposes.

Oh boy!!! Visit is an understatement.  Immersion or love at first sight best describe that moment I stepped foot at Payless. I was stuck in there for more than 2 hours fitting each shoe that I fancied upon. Put it this way, J. Bond was already pooped from all the roaming and exploring the nooks of Festival Mall while I carried on (and on, and on) with the spellbinding charm of shoes.  I wanted and desired to bring home everything, including the fashionable accessories. Haha!  Unlike in the U.S., shoe styles available in their Manila branch are very appropriate for tropical weather.  And comfortable too (which happens to be my one and only criteria in shoe shopping).

My numero uno choice. Obviously, all because of the beads.  But here's the thing,  I'm such a sucker for promotional gimiks. Without it, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have paid PAYLESS a PAYMORE visit ....

Love the bag.  See, I'm sure it would have come out  cheaper if I just bought a similar-looking canvas tote bag.  Yet, it's the thrill of getting something free right? ... even if it meant  being robbed off  at least Php2500 worth of shoes, bags or accessories.

Ayayay!  This shopping-gaga needs to stop!  NOW! ASAP!

Caught in the act!  PROMISE .... LAST!  I'm still on THERAPY remember!  Excuses. Excuses.

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