Saturday, July 31, 2010

SM Therapy

Wow!  A portion of SM's department store in Southmall (Las Pinas) have been renovated.  Way too different from its old gloomy state.  The new look makes it much more pleasant to shop!, to stay and browse around longER than usual.  Much to my pocket's dismay, I gave in to my shopaholic urge. What the heck! Besides, I am still on THERAPY :)

Half of the newly renovated Ground Floor (the other half is still under renovation).  This is where I spent 2 hours of my Sunday last week. 

Beaded Slip-ons!  The left pair is now m-i-n-e :)

Plus a few more purchases.  Yup, I'm an Imelda Marcos fan.  Haha!

Can't wait to drop by SM Southmall today, again.  Ooh. I am healing fast.  Happy weekend everyone!

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