Tuesday, July 6, 2010

nobody nobody but CHOO

i want NOBODY NOBODY but "CHOO"   .....

(one more time!  yeah!)
i want NOBODY NOBODY but "CHOO.....

EEEEEEKKKK!!! Sounds more like "choo" than "you".  I swear, a serious case of LSS (last song syndrome).  My apologies to the fans of Wonder Girls for saying this ... but I am so ever ready to click on the super dislike button as soon as the Nobody Nobody choo choo song comes on air AGAIN. Yet and much to my dislike,  I am HAUNTED day and night by it for four weeks now. Aaaahhh!

Watching  healthy, energetic and talented kids audition for the pharmacy's 2010 generiKID Talent Search for the past four Saturdays was a refreshing break from the usual medical mission.  But listening to this song over and over again while the kids enthusiastically danced to every choo choo beat have tremendously tortured both my eardrums and knocked my brains off.

As I prepare for this coming Saturday's GRAND FINALS, I am gearing up the ears and the brains for an hour and a half of this choo choo song once again. Thank goodness, I have survived until the finale.  But for now, I might as well enjoy  and shout out loud  ....
I want NOBODY NOBODY but YOU :) LUV it!!! HA!

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