Sunday, July 25, 2010

Raj and 7-11

Here's a tip, Raj's "luck" cards suck!

And for some reason, being in this 7-11 branch yesterday afternoon reminded me of Raj's "quaint" store found along the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Congress Street in Jersey City.  But the difference is -- this 7-11 is way too new, jampacked with goodies, fun knick knacks, patronized by a relatively "young" market and found at the ground floor of J. Bond's office in San Lazaro, Manila (near UST Hospital).  He was here for a quick construction inspection, while I strolled around (including a short stint of window shopping in SM).  Raj's store, on the other hand, is the opposite -- gloomy, old,  boring and  patronized most of the time by yours truly ... J. Bond and Dad2! 

I ain't  fully recovered yet.  So 30 minutes after, J. Bond brought me to  7-11 for a  bit of relaxation. I was struck the moment I entered their store door and I just had to repeatedly say, "I miss Raj!".  "I smell Raj!"   Hahaha!  I was  there only for the coffee, but apparently a lot of reminiscing came along with it.  Must be the Bingo posters displayed by the counter. 

Yes, it is the posters.  Raj's playing cards keep crawling back in my mind.  Unfortunately, luck ain't on my side.  As I've said, Raj's cards suck! Never did I win.  Not even a money back.

But I guess someone else sucked more?  Who else? ME!!! It was just way too difficult to resist the thrill.

I  had to have this photo taken.  Me at 7-11 yesterday afternoon.  Yup, alive and kickin'.

... and ME in my Laso beaded necklace standing along Kennedy Boulevard en route to Raj.   Right across this street is his store :) 

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