Saturday, July 10, 2010


 So how did today go?   Take a look at these ...

Thank you for the balloons Lactovitale and Lactopafi 

Photos of the six generiKID finalists on-display

Here they are, LIVE!

A little bit of rehearsal at our pantry before the event

The talent show began with a high-energy dance opening number

Awww!!! No one knew about this. 
A surprise gift by generiKID finalist Jhamaeca and her friends.
Muchos Gracias, kids. J. Bond and I loved it :)

Calamansi relay and a few other games for the audience

Alvin in action.  Alvin is both a Pharmacy staff and our in-house PROFESSIONAL DANCER. The "chipmunks" (oops, they hated this word) at the back are two of his dance groupmates.  Yep, he really is professional.  He performs in shows, concerts and handles our every Saturday Dance Exercise. Here's the real deal -- Alvin has been existent even way before the Pharmacy happened.  He has been my sidekick for bazaars that I either organize or participate on.  So you see, he is the guy behind the bead selling, and definitely not me for I FAIL on this part of the process. I just float around, while Alvin does all the talking. Great selling skills, I swear!

Meet N Greet Mr. Lacto

The generiKIDS with their Moms in their generiKID pose :)

Hungry kids.  Thank you for the packed lunch, Nutri-Pharma.

Vitamins for ALL kids by Pryce Kidz --- our major sponsor.

Seated are our judges:  Pryce Kidz representative, Rob-Generika Operations,
and Sir Jay-Generika Marketing Head


Gabriel won 1st runner-up.  He sang a 1950s classic.
Title, no idea!  Lol.

And our Grand Prize winner .... drumroll please ....

Hip-Hop Zedekiah is Generika-Molino's 1st generiKID!!!

A photo moment with the TOP 3 generiKID winners.
They join us in our school campaign in a few weeks

So with all these, how did today go?



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