Friday, July 23, 2010

What day is it Today?

Six days since I was discharged from that  patient-pampering hospital and a day before I go back and see my doctor, I find myself back to driving today thinking that it is Monday (pharmacy day)!

ME           What day is it today?
Staff J     Friday.
ME           Ah, Friday.  What's our line-up next week?
Staff J     Monday, School Talk on Nutrition at Gawaran Elementary School
               Friday, School Talk at St. John
ME           Huh??? Monday?  That's today!
Staff J     No, it's Friday today.
ME           Oh sorry, I meant St. John.
Staff J     Mam, St. John is Friday next week.
ME           Wait!  What day is it today again?
Staff J     Mam, it's Friday.
ME           Ok.  I have to go.  I'll see you on Wednesday.
Staff J     Huh!  But we have our School Talk on Monday.
ME.          Whatever!!! Just remind me the day before.

Something's just not right. Lol!  Happy Weekend :)

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