Tuesday, July 20, 2010

on July 14, 2010

Thank God, I'm finally home!  Last week's ordeal I would say was a major knock on my head and a stressful situation for my loved ones. Something that was bound to happen sooner or later but was deliberately set aside and left unacknowledged. No one to blame here but me.

I have never learned to stop.  Not even go slow. I thrive on the words, Urgent!, Rush!, Stress!, with health placed on the rear-end and often ignored ... a long-ago developed habit which I still practice until Wednesday morning (July 14, 2010) came along.

On that day, every single thing stopped.

First was Typhoon Basyang ... I'm a 100% sure that I was not alone in that havoc situation when Basyang landed in Manila early morning of the 14th.  Even an ounce of sleep was way too difficult to catch given the ravaging sounds heard and felt in all parts of the house. Electricity was cut-off.   Thus, making me rely heavily on the hard swaying shadows of coconut trees to gauge the magnitude of the typhoon. At 6:30am, here's what Typhoon Basyang left behind.

Leaves. Branches. Scattered Trash.

A car bumper that landed in our garage. 
Our water hose blown away from its usual spot.

Two fallen trees.  One, right in front of the house. 
 Second, at the end of this road.

After a little bit of inspection for damages and a slight sweeping of leaves and branches, I instantly fell sick. Really sick! Slumped on the bed the whole day, longing for electricity and gallons of ice cold water. But each gulp only left me more and more dehydrated. In the afternoon, J. Bond rushed me to a nearby hospital and stayed on for 4 days and 3 nights.

Let's just say that all those years of "stress" and "neglect on health" have finally crept up on me.  Those who know me, know well enough  how I work, how I move, how I think.   Never say stop! Never say No!  Just GO!  Every single thing masked well for the purpose of  delivering good results, except health.  I thought I was a super hero (lol!).

Now that I feel much better (though still recuperating), I know I needed this to happen to make me stop, to make me slow down and most especially, to make me realize what really is important and what truly matters.  Believe it or not and crazy as you may think,  I long prayed for this =)   But I never had the discipline to stop.  I was too pre-occupied and hooked with the unimportant and the waste of time!

Then, July 14 happened. Every single thing stopped.  It's time.  I start anew.

Cheers ............... TRIX

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