Thursday, June 30, 2011

Veggie Shopping

It is an absolute challenge to trick coax my ex co-worker, turned good friend, to eat veggies.  A dot or a dash of green equates to "stay away".  Once, she had no choice but to eat the served brocolli on her plate (by yours truly) since the  bosses were around.  She stared and glared, while  I ignored.  This happened only once.

So when I shopped for veggies at Baguio Market last week, my friend came to mind.

Spinach???  Lol.

Carrots, Bell Pepper, and Garlic

That sums up my little veggie loot. 

But there was so much veggie freshness in Baguio that I have never ever seen in Manila-based markets or supermarkets. I wanted to buy all. Not only for me.  For my friend too. Of course, I did not.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baguio during Bagyong Falcon

While Typhoon Falcon brought strong rains to Manila, it only drizzled in Baguio.  So, we went on even with gushing water along the way. 

There was too much excitement that rain, not even a typhoon, could dampen our spirits. Since most I assume have opted to stay safe within the confines of their homes, we  enjoyed and hugged the Lion's Head all to ourselves.  On days with good weather, this famous tourist stop is predictably overcrowded.

Of course, we shopped...

for souvenirs at Mines View Park

for vegetables at Baguio Market

How vendors wash vegetables - a dip and a dive into a pail of water. 

for Footwear (made in Liliw Laguna)

for Foot Rugs

And so many more!  We enjoyed a few sights too even amidst drizzle...

Mines View Park

Me with Auntie Mer at Camp John Hay

 An afternoon stroll.

And, these dainty beads :)

Disappointingly a quick trip due to Typhoon Falcon.  Family and friends worried for our safety.  And we worried too after having witnessed a couple of bad accidents on the way back home.  But we tremendously enjoyed!

Hope you guys were safe and sound during those bad weather days.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Benguet Coffee

For sure, another kilo of Benguet Coffee is what I'll buy from Baguio this week. I am over and done with  Sagada Oranges.   Had too much for the past weeks.

I am a coffee addict, and Benguet Coffee is definitely a must to jumpstart my day.  Strong!!!  No coffee equates to a bombed bummed day. And, a lot cheaper (P180 per kilo) than my usual coffee grounds from a nearby local supermarket (P175 per 250 grams).  

J. Bond loves it too, but has recently requested to tone down its strength a little bit by adding water.  Sales staff from Garcia's Pure Coffee claim that Benguet coffee is stronger than Baracco. I agree!

Even the scent leaves me high.  Ayayay.
I am excited and looking forward....

Monday, June 20, 2011

So what if the sand was black...

The sand was black.

The sky turned dark and rained a bit.

The waves were high and strong.  Locals announced a storm brewing.

This year, the Pharmacy faced gigantic waves.  It felt like watching my daily fix of teleseryes, but this time all happening within our own confines.  At one point, the thought of worthless time and effort came to mind, and I thought of letting go.  But with J. Bond's force and persuasion, I stayed on. 

Good thing I did.  Otherwise, I would have not witnessed and captured this touching, meaningful and powerful moment.

Yes, the sand was black.  It may have rained.  The waves were high and strong leaving us with aches and itchy backs.  But I have realized that challenges are nothing as long as we stand tall. Hand-in-hand.  And, together.  Thanks to my 5-man team for the reminder.

I am happy and more in-love with the Pharmacy Team.  They have definitely grown, even amidst jokes and laughter.  J. Bond and I have never felt so at home. 

 Finally, we have a TEAM.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pampasira ng view

I'm back in Manila and I still think of Cafe Red Orange.  All about it is inspiring.  It really is. Except for him...

Another one.

And, another.

Obviously, not J. Bond's cup of tea. He enjoyed the food though. But so what!  I shall return in a few days.

*Pictures posted are with consent. Hahaha!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sagada Orange. Red Orange.

Red. Orange.  Two colors I love.  But green, I love most.

First, I was introduced to Sagada's sweet and seedless oranges by Mom and Dad2 when they came for a visit in February.  Dad2  took care of peeling oranges while I quickly gobbled.  Spoiled!  Now, I am totally hooked on it. But wishing Dad2 is still here to continue peeling.
Sagada Oranges, definitely a must buy. 
Available at Baguio Market at P90/kilo (roughly 4 pieces).
 In Manila, Sagada Oranges are sold at P80 per piece. 

I'm on my 4th Baguio trip by the way. Weather is great!

A stroll along Session Road after buying Sagada Oranges.

Cool weather makes me sane.  But I enjoy this trip more because of Cafe Red Orange. 

Introduced by J. Bond's co-workers, we had dinner here. And, lunch too.  That's how it has been. I immediately return to places that fascinates me, to see and feel more.  And when I end with a burning urge to quickly return and a glowing sense of inspiration, I know I have fallen madly in love. Exactly how it all began with Sonya's Garden.  I was fascinated.  Then, inspired.  Reason why my bead works are now there.

And now, here's Red Orange.

Offering quite a wide array of dishes, my attention was not much on food.  I'm on a perennial diet mode, remember?!  Yet, I had tapa, J. Bond had beef belly, a shared pot of tea, and a relaxing view.

What actually fascinated me are these...

Dining amidst greens.

Homey feel.


Colored seeds.  Exactly the same seeds I use to eliminate spicy scents.

Little things I love.

Play of prints.

Soon to be available in Sonya's Garden.  
But I'm dreaming right this moment that By Beaded Story's 2011 handpainted Flora necklaces be available in Cafe Red Orange too.  Off to meet the person behind this new fascination.  So inspired!

*Cafe Red Orange is located along South Drive. A few meters from Baguio Country Club.
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