Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My thoughts on BIKING

What stops me from biking.....

All these stuff.  Like what I said, I don't travel light.

Too hot! Too early!

Rubber shoes, sneakers, closed shoes, with socks. I boil!

J. Bond's task of loading and unloading the bikes.  I wait patiently, but talk to much.  *Hahaha!

Checking and re-checking each and every part to ensure safety.  Of course, MORE talking from my part. Somewhat like talking to air. J. Bond stays focused and on a mute mode.

Complicated gadgets to monitor, and creaking sounds that freak me out when gears are changed.

And, the time frame.
Me:  We bike for only 30 minutes, ok.
J. Bond:  I bet less than 30 minutes.  You take too much pictures.

But I did bike over the weekend. For weight's sake!

Saturday morning at Sta. Rosa.  45 minutes.

Sunday morning at Alabang Hills Village. 28 minutes.

And J. Bond's right.  I take too much photos. 

At Sta. Rosa.....
Fellow bikers.

Early morning football.

Then, the reward.  Window shopping!

At Alabang Hills.....

The smell of grass.

Protected by shade.

The find that distracted then abruptly ended the biking, dried Kapok fruit.  

What I like about biking?.....I lost a half pound.  *Hahaha!  Therefore, I forced J. Bond to bike with me this coming weekend again. Whether he likes it or not!

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