Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tips from a Weight-O-Holic

Admit it.

We females are obsessed with that 6-letter word called W-E-I-G-H-T.   Those kilos or pounds that confront us after stepping foot on a  weighing scale either results to a disappointing dance of squirm or an ultra-ecstatic jump of glee. 

 If we see ourselves do the squirm, we grip our minds  with  a decisive thought that we shall SOON subject our bodies to food deprivation. We also commit to a regular exercise regimen that will further boost the weight decline.  But who are we kidding?!  Most often, we culminate with a super brain-power exercise  on top of a squirmy body.

Those who have reached their ideal weight, on the other hand, obviously do the jump of glee.  Yet there are those who belong to this blessed group who long for more.  Oh c'mon!  Isn't good job or congratulations enough?  Give chance to others.  Better yet,  share the blessings!

Half is the target.  If only we can slice ourselves in order to cut the weight, I'm sure this will automatically become an instant craze that will put all forms of diets, weight control medications and perhaps exercise to a halt.   Just a wild thought!

I sometimes wonder how this "THIN IS IN" mindset really came about.  But with my chin held high, I admit and swear that I, too, am a true blue "weight-o-holic". I dance the squirm when I see the plus, and I jump with glee when I get a minus.  I would say that I am currently in a state of "have done this, have done that" situation.  I was really never consistent and disciplined about a regimen. So I fluctuate.

But I do have my own set of action plan for moments the plus sign brightly flashes right before my eyes.  Ooh!!! Some tips from me which I bravely share with you ....

1.  I stopped the gym regimen ... which I painstakingly endured for 5 "sweet" months.   I'd rather do the MTV Grind right in my bedroom, clad in home clothes and jumping up, down, sideways in my squeaky no-longer white keds sneakers.

2.  I DRIVE to inject the system with loads of adrenalin.  A Manila driver's mindset:  I AM THE KING OF THE ROAD.  And so are everybody else (including pedestrians).  No minding of rules. A game of hide n' seek most especially when traffic officials are around.  After the swerving, criss-crossing, overtaking, honking, squeezing, a flexible body is what you will absolutely achieve.

3.  I release the sweat by Cooking.  A new-found technique I realized at the height of the El Nino phenomenon.  It's really easy.  All you have to do is cook! And stand right smack in front of your stove.  For sure, that heat will shed off the sweaty toxins from your system.  If not a fanatic cooking-advocate like me, just  think sauna.  Absolutely a cool and inexpensive way of building a sauna right in your kitchen.

4.  I BEAD.  Well,  believe it!  With all the knotting (and disentangling), beading helps develop well-toned arm muscles and a firm grip.  Definitely a plus for those planning to be part of a game called  tug of war. If you're not into beading, just do the "knot exercise" -- knot a rope (the thickest the best) then stretch hard from both ends.  Surely works!

5.  and last but not the least, I say my prayer!!!

Just keep believing and do what you feel is BEST for your body.  With a positive attitude, right guidance and proper steps of course. One day, that target weight will come along.  If not, pray!


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