Monday, May 17, 2010

Solar Sunday

When I said adios to my black & white corporate world a year and a half ago, I also made it part of the plan to put an end to my city lifestyle and slowly shift towards country living.  The ultimate dream is to live further south,  on top of a mountain hill, surrounded by fruit trees, herbs and flowering plants.  Think (semi) recluse!

Something like this.
A house I came across along the mountain slope of Mount Makiling.

Reality check! --- I haven't even reached an inch of this plan.   Not to  mention the dead plants that are still on display by my window.  The only saving grace is my current southern residence address which is a teeny weeny bit further from where I used to live ... say 10 minutes away!  Lol!

But with a twist of fate, the plan made a turn Sunday morning.

1.  ... begin with age.  By the time we hit the dreaded age of 40 --- Oh! Make that 40-45 years old. --- the relocation should have transpired. Talk about pressure.  But yes! A blood pact that J. Bond and I  made as soon as we opened our eyes to the 6:30am smiling heat.

Note:  We pegged the age 40 to buy us enough time to save!  If we don't hit our target, there's still the next phase of 40 ... 45!

2.  ... 2nd part of the discussion covers the design.  With very limited ideas on architectural design, I'm very much sold on the idea of living in a quaint cottage.  Cozy and easy to mantain.  The photo below best show what I have in mind .....

This is precisely it!  A small cottage with a white picket fence, amidst hectares of Sunflowers (less the hill, herbs and fruit trees).  With J. Bond tending to the flowers of course.  While I bead inside the cottage.

J. Bond, however, had something else in mind which he was vocal about.  He broached the idea of building a solar house.

Me and my Spontaneous Reaction: 
A solar what??? If it has something to do with the sun, no way!  There's just TOO MUCH SUN going on.  But if sunflowers, ok!

To make me understand and get his drift, he said,  Watch this ... Reminds me of you and your plan .... 

That's J. Bond.  Ever prepared to defend a proposal knowing the humongous probability of me taking the other side of the fence.

Ok. Ok. I get it.  And I absolutely welcome his proposed idea despite the obvious fact that tending plants have already flown into oblivion since the massacre.  But at the end of the day, I know that there is a major need for J. Bond and I to transform our way of living for Mother Earth's sake and survival.

At this point, a lot of research and studying (and SAVING) need to be done.  A task which J. Bond is very much willing to take.  On my end of the  bargain, I am for the meantime faced with a simple yet most daunting task --- how to care for plants! 

May the SOLAR force be with us! :)


  1. nice! I like how you and share and discuss things :-) and yes, the cottage with white picket fence and garden is a lovely plan... good luck! regards. anna

  2. thanks anna. can't still get over your conversation with bawai re your vote for vp. cute!


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