Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flora necklaces for MOM

Dancing in the Moonlight

This morning's quick discussion (around 7:30am) ....

J. Bond          You're torturing me!  It's the heat!
Me                Nooooooo! It's the beads!
J. Bond         Ok! Ok! It's the heat and the beads!
Me                Yes!!!

Lovely Day

With Mother's Day a few days away, I'm rushing to finish and deliver bead orders.  And for some reason, ALL clients have chosen to order from THE SAME collection ... the FLORA COLLECTION.  Must be the concept of flowers(?) ... or maybe nature(?). 

Blue Moon

Remember what I said  in previous blogs?  The flora designs are the hardest to put together.  I have been capping my nights with a stiff back ... and thus culminating with a torturing mood this morning.  Poor J. Bond (hahaha).

Happy Angels

I'm half way done with the Flora orders ... then I resume with my Mother's Day beaded necklace.  Once done, I would absolutely love to hear the reaction of the Moms who received a Flora necklace from their daughter ... or son on their special day.  

Flower Garden

Meanwhile, I will try hard to work ... in peace ...

soon-to-come Mother's Day flora arrangement

Note:  A Flora necklace may be worn long or choker-style.

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