Saturday, May 1, 2010

store closed on APRIL 30

We all need a BREAK! 


I was prepared the night before for an early start.  4am.

So that's what I did .....  and that's what WE all did.  Packed our day-trip bags and took a sanity break from the daily pharmacy grind.

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The plan for this break began a month ago.  Swimming was all we had in mind given the scorching heat we have been going through for the past months.  So a few days before Easter arrived, J. Bond and I explored the stretch of National Highway, Calamba, Laguna for possible Hot Springs Resorts. We chose Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Reason for such choice addresses two requests:

First--the request of the team to go swimming.  Dona Jovita Garden Resort boasts of nine themed pools.
Second--my personal preference for mountains.  The resort is an hour drive away from Manila and is situated right at the serene foothills of MOUNT MAKILING.

With two check marks on my request list, I was sold on this resort.  This had to be the one that J. Bond must say yes to.

Breath-taking nature sights, lush gardens, and enjoyable amenities await those who visit Dona Jovita. But on top of these luring enticements, I pushed for this choice because of what I have actually read in their brochure ....
Scanning Dona Jovita's landscape brings one face to face with humongous clay jars.  One juts out of the poolside, one stands out as a landmark along the highway.  Some others pour directly into the occasional Jacuzzi.  Wherever they are, they are not just there for beauty ....

To resort owners, Ted and Rose Javier, the jars are a symbol of life. In the old days, jars were essential to daily living.  They were used to store food, water, wine and other such resources that human life depended on.  LIFE, closely intertwined with NATURE - that's what Ted and Rose wish for all their guests.
Well said.  I was captivated.

Everyone else ATE ......


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